spider-man homecoming

Kirsten Dunst thinks Sony Pictures is really milking the cash cow when it comes to making new Spider-Man movies.

Gabriel Luna and Jon Bernthal are down to team up in a Thunderbolts TV show with Ghost Rider and The Punisher.

CinemaSins recounts “Everything Wrong” with Logan in 17 minutes, including things that aren’t really wrong with it.

Gal Gadot thinks that Wonder Woman wouldn’t have any problem beating Superman in a head-to-head fight.

James Gunn shared a little clip of him dancing as a frame of reference for the VFX artists who created Baby Groot.

Patty Jenkins doesn’t think the Wonder Woman TV theme song could have appeared in the movie even if she wanted.

Alexander Siddig makes his debut as Ra’s Al Ghul in this featurette for next week’s season finale of Gotham on FOX.

Fellow Marvel star Chris Hemsworth had a hand in helping Tom Holland land his role as the new Spider-Man.

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