The Flash Season 3 Poster

Want to hear a rundown from Kevin Feige of everything Marvel Studios is working on at this point in time? Did you know there was almost a Hellboy spin-off starring Abe Sapien? Want to see the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy audition for other roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Does the tracklist for the Wonder Woman soundtrack give anything away? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.


Ghost Rider returns to Agents of SHIELD in the trailer for the season finale premiering on ABC next week.

How busy is Marvel Studios is at any given time? Kevin Feige explains what they’re working on right now to give an idea.

Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is just kicking around the lobby in a little motion poster for The Defenders.

Wonder Woman marketing has totally taken over Times Square with a bunch of huge billboards all over.

Apparently this trailer tells us everything we need to know about the forthcoming video game sequel Injustice 2.

There was almost a Hellboy spin-off story featuring Abe Sapien that resulted from a failed Prince Nuada spin-off.

The Flash Season 3 Poster

King Shark looks like he’s ready for a brawl in a new poster for the next episode of The Flash coming next week.

The Russo Brothers explained England’s Durham Cathedral is being used in several Avengers: Infinity War scenes.

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