Suicide Squad Concept Art - Joker and Harley Quinn Drive Thru

What kind of Batman board game is Monolith debuting at a Cannes game festival coming up? How did Jerry Seinfeld help convince Hugh Jackman that it was time to be done with Wolverine? Was there a Suicide Squad deleted scene with The Joker and Harley Quinn getting fast food? Will there be a Green Lantern cameo in Justice League?  All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.


Comic Book Resources runs through 15 more comic book characters who broke the fourth wall just like Deadpool.

Monolith has teased a new Batman board game that they’re looking to Kickstart at the Cannes game festival.

Jerry Seinfeld helped convince Hugh Jackman that it was okay to walk away from Wolverine after making Logan.

What are some of the best fights to grace the pages of comic books? Heroic Hollywood put a list together.

The Flash - Gorilla Grodd Poster

May Gorilla Grodd have mercy on The Flash and Central City when the villain returns to The CW series this week.

Director James Mangold talks about how Wolverine shares traits with Johnny Cash, Frankenstein’s monster and more.

Suicide Squad Concept Art - Joker and Harley Quinn Drive Thru

Check out a bunch of concept art for Suicide Squad including Joker and Harley Quinn at a drive-thru and more.

After cops in Kentucky put a Punisher logo on their police cars, public outcry has forced them to remove the decals.

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