Anatomically Correct Spider-Man

What would it be like if Spider-Man was anatomically correct? What does Patrick Stewart think about the X-Men taking on The Avengers? Did you know Green Lantern and Silver Surfer once teamed up? Want to see The Dark Knight‘s version of The Joker take on the Suicide Squad version of The Joker? How much is Logan on track to make in its opening weekend. All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Iron Fist - Jessica Fenwick - Colleen Wing

In Marvel’s new Iron Fist series on Netflix, Jessica Henwick’s Colleen Wing doesn’t want to be a love interest.

Heroic Hollywood runs through a list of the 7 best superhero video games of all time. Did your favorite make the cut?

Watch a teaser for “The Sin-Eater”, the 14th episode of the current fifth season of Arrow, on The CW next week.

Patrick Stewart talks about what makes Logan unique from other comic book and superhero movies out there.

Star-Lord Helmet and Thor Hammer

Marvel Legends has new, high quality versions of Star-Lord‘s helmet and Thor‘s hammer coming this fall.

In case you thought it was just a rumor, Mel Gibson confirmed discussions for him to direct Suicide Squad.

Anatomically correct Spider-Man is pretty gross, but also much more true to the superhero’s inspiration.

Darren Criss has finished his work as Music Meister for the upcoming The Flash and Supergirl musical crossover.

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