LEGO Batman Movie Holiday Card

How much is Aquaman‘s estimated budget for shooting in Australia next spring? What did Andrew Garfield think of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer? What prop is being teased by Anthony and Joe Russo for The Avengers: Infinity War? How did Ben Affleck‘s hate for Daredevil lead him to make Batman v Superman? Which comic book movies were the most Googled movies of 2016? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

A photo from the set of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow shows Elyse Levesque on set as Guinevere, of King Arthur fame.

Jeremy Irons talks about the role that Alfred will have in dealing with all the superheroes of Justice League.

Check out a new clip from the forthcoming animated series Justice League Action, coming to Cartoon Network.

Aquaman has been confirmed to shoot in Australia early next year with a budget of $160 million estimated.

Anthony & Joe Russo tease the making of some kind of prop for The Avengers: Infinity War, but what is it?

Some new photos from the set of Justice League show Jason Momoa emerging from the water as Aquaman.

The LEGO Batman Movie delivered this video holiday card, wishing happy holidays to all and to all a Dark Knight.

An extensive ScreenRant posted dives into the differences of the Suicide Squad extended edition and theatrical cut.

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