Iron Man Suit Concept Art

Here’s an alternate design for Iron Man‘s latest suit in some concept art for Captain America: Civil War.

Ryan Reynolds tried to tell Fox that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was garbage, but the studio didn’t want to listen.

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See how Jared Leto using his method acting in this behind the scenes clip from Suicide Squad‘s extended Blu-ray.

Stan Lee explains why he thinks Doctor Doom isn’t really a villain, and everyone just misunderstands him.

A VFX breakdown shows how Wakanda was created in the Captain America: Civil War credits scene.

Could Ant-Man‘s microverse in the MCU somehow be connected to the multiverse from Doctor Strange?

Harley Quinn chases down The Joker in a new clip from the Suicide Squad extended edition Blu-ray.

Comic Book Resources offers up 15 guesses as to where the Soul Infinity Stone might be in the MCU.

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