The Avengers #4 - Alex Ross

What major change did Agents of SHIELD introduce to Ghost Rider‘s origin story last night? Are you ready for a new Wonder Woman trailer tomorrow? Which channels will air Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad and other DC Comics movies? Which actor does Kevin Conroy credit as the best Bruce Wayne? Who will play Talia Al Ghul in this season of Arrow? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a quick promo for the seventh episode of Agents of SHIELD, which won’t be back on ABC until November 29.

Last night’s fifth episode of The Flash, titled “The Monster,” had a bunch of easter eggs. Did you notice them?

Gal Gadot teases the new Wonder Woman trailer arriving tomorrow, but with footage from the old one.

Heroic Hollywood listened to the Suicide Squad soundtrack and tried to figure out which songs represent each character.

Watch a promo for “Shade,” the sixth episode of the third season of The Flash, coming to The CW in two weeks.

Benedict Cumberbatch discusses how they filmed some of the more wild action sequences in Doctor Strange.

The latest cover for The Avengers by Alex Ross pays tribute to a classic cover by iconic artist Jack Kirby.

DC Movies like Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad will air on TBS and TNT when they come to television.

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