Luke Cage vs Walking Dead

Can Wolverine beat Predator in the latest edition of Super Power Beat Down? How many times did Robin say “Holy _____, Batman” in the original TV series? Would James Gunn direct an episode of a Marvel series on Netflix? Want to see an X-Men fan film featuring Cable? How much did Doctor Strange make at the international box office last weekend? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits?

Wolverine takes on the galaxy’s fierce hunter, Predator, in the most recent edition of Super Power Beat Down

Comic Book Resources counts down 15 creepy things that you might not know about X-Men villain Mr. Sinister.

Captain America Guitar

One fan created a custom Fender guitar perfectly wrapped in the pages of Captain America comics.

Gabriel Luna says Ghost Rider‘s origin on Agents of SHIELD will have a new angle but still pulls from the source material.

Floyd Mayweather as Iron Man

Floyd Mayweather dressed up as Marvel’s Iron Man for Halloween and shared his outfit on Instagram.

As if anyone thought it could happen, Rob Liefeld confirms Quentin Tarantino won’t direct Deadpool 2.

Luke Cage vs Walking Dead

Some artists created a few awesome Halloween comic book crossovers like this one at Comic Book Resources.

Mike Colter recently teased the forthcoming team up with Finn Jones as Iron Fist over in New York.

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