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Want to hear the trippy end credits theme from Doctor Strange? Want to see Gal Gadot forget that Aquaman was in Batman v Superman? What’s this planet that Tilda Swinton is teasing for Doctor Strange? How bad were the ratings for The Flash and Agents of SHIELD last night? Which superhero is more American, Captain America or Superman? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s the promo for the next episode in the fourth season of Agents of SHIELD, coming next week.

Captain Cold will be coming back to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow in the midseason finale, but with a twist.

Gal Gadot actually forgot Aquaman was in Batman v Superman in this goofy interview alongside Jon Hamm.

Agents of SHIELD and The Flash both had the lowest ratings ever out of any season last night. That’s no bueno.

This Disney Channel featurette takes a look at Doctor Strange and some of the magical objects in the movie.

Did you catch these easter eggs in the most recent episode of The Flash with Magenta as the villain?

Matt Ferguson has a cool new glow in the dark Daredevil print that you can get for your wall right now.

What’s happening with Tony Stark after Civil War II comes to an end? It sounds like we have a hint.

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