Batman - Guinness World Record

How much more will be unveiled about The Joker in the third season of Gotham? How did one man’s cosplay Batman suit set a Guinness World Record? Who should play John Constantine in the Justice League Dark movie? Want to hear a radio play version of Batman: The Killing Joke that’s more true to the source material? Would you like to attend a comic convention on a cruise ship? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

A new featurette for Captain America: Civil War goes behind the scenes of the sequel with Sebastian Stan.

Gotham producer John Stephens discussed how the third season of the show will explore the mythology of The Joker.

Luke Cage - SFX Magazine

Check out some new photos and the full cover story on Luke Cage from the latest issue of SFX magazine.

There are even more twists and turns in store for Steve Rogers: Captain America besides being an agent of Hydra.

Find out what’s in store for the fifth season premiere of Arrow coming to The CW this October.

Collider names the 30 best comic book cartoon series, including some of your favorite superheroes.

This guy set a Guinness World Record for “most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit” with this Batman creation.

Anthony Russo thinks Spider-Man: Homecoming has the potential to be the best Spider-Man movie yet.

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