Do you need some reasons to rewatch Superman Returns on its 10th anniversary? Want to see footage from an abandoned Daredevil video game for PlayStation 2? What is Lex Luthor doing as the new Superman in the Justice League comics? How long is Suicide Squad? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.


It’s the 10th anniversary of Superman Returns, and Comic Book Resources has 10 reasons to revisit the flick.

Jared Leto says to expect a lot of chaos and fun when Suicide Squad hits theaters this summer.

Watch all of the Joker footage from Suicide Squad trailers and TV spots collected right here.

Gal Gadot describes the Wonder Woman movie as a coming-of-age story leading up to her role in Batman v Superman.


There’s a chance Spider-Gwen might get her own animal counterpart in the form of Spider-Guin.

Plenty of comic book heroes and villains have run for president, and some of them even won. See the list here.


In the Justice League comics, Lex Luthor has become the new Superman. Get all the details at ScreenRant.

Jon Bernthal says the Frank Castle we’ll see in Daredevil season two isn’t quite The Punisher yet.

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