Want to see what it’s like to experience a new Superman virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags? What did Stan Lee name as his favorite Marvel Comics movie so far? What familiar Batman character is coming to Gotham next season? Why do Russian fans want Spider-Man’s dubbed voice replaces in their version of Captain America: Civil War? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.


Zack Snyder shows Gal Gadot how to strike a Wonder Woman battle post in this Batman v Superman photo.

Geoff Johns and Ed Boon talk the changes coming to gameplay, including leveling up, with Injustice 2.

Check out this footage of a Superman virtual reality roller coaster at Six Flags in Marlboro, MD.

TV Line has word of a new recurring character coming to The Flash for the show’s third season.


Learn how comic artist Mark Gruenwald had his ashes put in a comic book in a Marvel interview with his wife.

Did Lee Bermejo base his take on the Joker in his graphic novel with Brian Azzarello on Heath Ledger’s Joker?

wonderwoman-superman-sex runs through 10 superhero comic book sex scenes we’ll never see on the big screen.

Chloe Bennet says the deat at the end of Agents of SHIELD‘s third season will make Daisy more ruthless.

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