Will we see more of Martin Freeman in the Marvel cinematic universe after Captain America: Civil War? Want to see what it will be like to ride the new Joker roller coaster in New Jersey? How much did Paul Rudd geek out when he walked on the Civil War set? How do M&M’s help Nightcrawler and Storm pass the time? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.


Ryan Reynolds spent time with one of the biggest Deadpool fans, who sadly died last week.

ScreenRant has a detailed timeline of events in the Marvel cinematic universe starting a long time ago.

A new video lets you experience New Jersey’s Six Flags roller coaster The Joker for its inaugural test ride.

Anthony Mackie has an idea for a blaxploitation movie featuring Falcon from the Marvel cinematic universe.

Black Panther gets unmasked in a new Captain America: Civil War TV spot.

Martin Freeman‘s role in Captain America: Civil War is just the beginning of his place in the MCU.


Illustrator Rick Celis recreated all 47 of Greg Capullo‘s Batman covers with Batman: The Animated Series artwork.

Director Bryan Singer talks about how Apocalypse is like the antichrist to Charles Xavier‘s Christ-like character.

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