Captain America: Civil War

What did Chris Rock have to say about Batman v Superman while talking to J.J. Abrams this past weekend? How much is Captain America: Civil War on track to make in its opening weekend. Is Tim Miller hoping that an eventual X-Force movie gets an R-rating like Deadpool? What did Robert Downey Jr. do to the Eiffel Tower in honor of Captain America: Civil War? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits.

Here’s a sneak preview of this week’s new episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Check out 20 interesting secrets about various superhero movies you may not have known.


Here’s a batch of new photos from this week’s episode of The Flash.

Chris Rock wasn’t a big fan of Batman v Superman, and he told J.J. Abrams as much a few days ago.

Team Iron Man gets the spotlight in this new Captain America: Civil War TV spot.

Eka Darville will reprise his Jessica Jones character for Netflix and Marvel’s The Defenders series.


Check out a batch of cool Russian and Chinese posters for Captain America: Civil War right here.

Captain America: Civil War screenwriters talk about how they expanded Black Panther‘s role in the movie.

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