Is romance on the way for Vision and Scarlet Witch in Captain America: Civil War? Whose side is Doctor Strange on in Civil War? Just how much gay subtext is there in the old Batman comics? How can you turn your smart phone flashlight into a Bat signal? All that and more on this edition of Superhero Bits.


Check out some new concept art from Captain America: Civil War.

Here’s 12 things that you might not have known about Peter Parker.


Kingpin will be getting his own Civil War II comic book in July, focusing on his war profiteering.

Jesse Eisenberg talks about Lex Luthor‘s motivations to make Doomsday in Batman v Superman.

Black Panther

Ebony takes a closer look at the new sleek Black Panther comic book coming soon.

Supergirl star David Harewood is optimistic about a second season renewal for the show.


A new article at Slate takes a look at the gay subtext between Batman and Robin in the comics.

Elizabeth Olsen teases some romance between Scarlet Witch and Vision in Captain America: Civil War.

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