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What Do We Know About Poe Dameron’s Origins?

Despite a sex scene in the first issue, Poe was apparently born earlier — sometime before the Battle of Endor. It is not said when in the comic, but Bey complains she hasn’t had much time to see her son “since he was born.” Shattered Empire writer Greg Rucka has revealed more backstory in interviews:

[Shara and Kes] joined after the victory at Yavin, and they joined after the victory at Yavin for a very specific reason. They had a cargo service that they ran and they had a newborn. They were like, ‘Well, what’s the future for our child going to be?’


Poe Dameron Grew Up on Yavin 4

And Isaac himself has thrown out the idea a couple times that his character could have grown up on Yavin 4 and was maybe present at the medal ceremony from the end of Star Wars: A New Hope, prompting him to join the Rebel Alliance. The end of the four-issue Shattered Empire comic book miniseries seems to confirm this, revealing that the Dameron family grew up on Yavin 4 (see the panel above, and yes it has been confirmed as Yavin 4 if you don’t believe).

Shattered Empire tree

The Ending of Shattered Empire: The Force Trees

In the fourth and final issue of Shattered Empire, Luke Skywalker recruits Shara Bey to help him infiltrate a Star Destroyer to take back something that Emperor Sheev Palpatine stole a long time ago. In a high security laboratory are all that remain of the tree that once grew in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. Luke and Shara Bey are able to rescue and escape with the trees.

What is the importance of the trees that Luke Skywalker would put himself in such a risky situation to rescue them? It must be more than sentimental value, right? Luke claims they are strong “with the Force,” but doesn’t elaborate further. There must be some reason Emperor Palpatine didn’t destroy them. There must be some reason he was experimenting on them. What was he hoping to learn or gain from the experiments? What kind of power could the remnants of the Jedi Temple tree offer?


What Is a Force Tree?

As far as I can tell, there is no concept of a tree that is one with the Force in all of Star Wars canon previously, or even any of the expanded universe that is now considered “Legends.” But there is the concept of a “Force nexus,” which is an area or object in which the Force is unusually strong. Wookieepedia explains it as follows:

The natural mountain on which the foundation of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant rested was a nexus for unknown reasons, but is was likely because of all the Jedi that had lived there for thousands of years. … Objects left in the presence of a Force nexus for extended amounts of time eventually became saturated with the Force, which imbued the object (like a weapon) with special abilities, like an edge that will never dull, the ability to absorb some Force powers like Force lightning and electric judgment, or even the ability to enhance the wielder’s perception of time, allowing him to think and react faster than otherwise possible. This effect allowed even a being who wasn’t Force-sensitive to use the weapon to a great degree. Further, objects imbued with a particular aspect of the Force — be it light or dark — could actually become so saturated as to make their very presence intolerable to those of opposite alignment.

Interesting, but not definitive. Let’s move on.


Luke Skywalker Gives Shara Bey a Force Tree

Luke Skywalker gives one of the two trees to Shara Bey for her to keep at her home. She is retiring from military duty to spend time with her family, her husband Kes Dameron and son (not named, but Poe Dameron). Luke mentions that he didn’t expect there to be two trees, and says that “one of them is spoken for.”

We can only assume that Luke Skywalker is going to plant his tree in the building of a new Jedi Temple. Although, none of the marketing for Star Wars: The Force Awakens seems to suggested that a new Jedi Temple exists. We have some idea that Luke has been gone many years, possibly after a decision to isolate himself from the rest of the galaxy. Maybe the tree has been planted in the place he has chosen for his isolation?

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