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Concrete information about the new Star Wars movies is a rare commodity. Right now, we don’t know way more than we do know and that lack of definitive knowledge leads to debate, discussion and arguments. These are happening every day amongst Star Wars fans and will continue until Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens on December 18. Probably beyond, too, since the story won’t end with that film.

With these Star Wars conversations more prevalent than actual information, we decided to have a little fun. We’ve gone against Han Solo’s better judgement and set some simple, Las Vegas odds against 15 questions fans are currently debating. Most are non-spoiler, a few are (clearly marked) spoilers, but all are very much at the center of the current Star Wars conversation.

Please note, the odds are meant to be fun. They’re very non-scientific and were arrived at through a mix of educated guessing, a dash of hope, a hint of prayer and even a tiny bit of insider information. Either way, they’re most definitely a good jumping off point for further discussion.

Star Wars Predictions

John Boyega Star Wars Force Awakens 700

The Next Trailer Will Debut At Star Wars CelebrationOdds 1:2

Rumors of a new trailer for Star Wars The Force Awakens have been bubbling for a while. We were the first to report the trailer will be out with Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is released May 1. Star Wars Celebration is two weeks before that. Now we know J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy are doing a big presentation at Celebration. The odds of this are better than good, they’re great.

Star Wars cast

Original Trilogy Characters Will Appears in the Next Trailer – Odds 2:1

The first trailer for The Force Awakens only featured new characters, acclimating audiences to the new stars in Star Wars. A second trailer will certainly have more of those – and probably a reveal of Kylo Ren’s face – so that’s not a huge question. The question is, will Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and or Mark Hamill appear? Originally our sources told us they would not appear but the buzz since that early information is at least Ford will. I think there’s a decent chance.

Star Wars Rebels Comic Con

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will Be in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con – Odds 4:1

Star Wars and Comic-Con used to go hand in hand. There used to be full Star Wars Days complete with Hall H panels. The timing would suggest this year that happens again and J.J Abrams himself even teased that Star Wars would be at Comic-Con. However, Marvel Studios not coming could be a good or bad sign. “Good” in Disney wants to focus on Star Wars. “Bad,” in that Disney as a whole is avoiding the con. The fact Celebration and D23 Expo bookend the convention raises some questions, too. If they do come, would they show new footage beyond what they debut at Celebration? Do they hold it back for D23? Comic-Con is the biggest one of the batch though so the odds are longer, but good.


Drew Struzan Does The Final Poster – Odds 3:1

Technically, Drew Struzan is retired. But if there’s a project he wants to do, he does it. Rumors of him being approached to do the poster were among the first rumors to break about the movie, even before there was a title or director. There’s been no confirmation but with Abrams’ insistency on doing things close to the original, I imagine it’ll happen.

Star Wars Hot Toys

On September 4, The Toys Will Spoil Many Surprises – Odds 1:1

Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise begins hitting shelves September 4. On that day, all bets are off. Character names, ships, plot descriptions, action scenes, it’ll all be out there. Sure some major twists and turns will be saved but if you are avoiding spoilers, September 4 is D-Day. This is happening.

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