The Force Awakens behind the scenes

A Galaxy Far, Far Away: 30 Years Later

When it comes to embodying and referencing the original trilogy, Kasdan said he and Abrams didn’t really need to do much research as the movies were “part of” their lives: “You know what you’ve missed, what you want to bring back, and what you’re hoping the new trilogy will embody.” Plus, the fact that 30 years had passed in Kasdan’s own life, much like the characters of the original Star Wars trilogy, was very intriguing to Kasdan. The screenwriter says, “When George asked me to work on the [prequels], I didn’t. That wasn’t where I was at.” But 15 years after the prequels, Kasdan says:

“They’ve lived the same 30 years I have. What would that be like? How would you see things differently?’ And I was trying to figure out how I saw things differently, and one of the surprises is that you don’t learn all that much. You haven’t become much wiser than you were, and things are not clearer to you, and the world is just as confusing as it always was — and that’s a kind of lovely thing to get to write about again. Age does not necessarily bring wisdom; it just brings experience.”

Star Wars New Trilogy

Beyond The Force Awakens: Star Wars 8 and 9

That sounds like the perfect approach to bringing back characters like Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia. But what’s in store for the galaxy far, far away after The Force Awakens?

Even though Star Wars: Episode VIII is still over two years away, we know that threads of the story have already been sewn, and Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick, The Brothers Bloom) is hard at work on writing the movie that he will also direct (Kasdan and Simon Kinberg have also been working on Episode 8 and 9). But as the second film in a trilogy, how much freedom does he have? Kennedy explains:

“We know where we’re going, but only in the broadest sense. When Rian came in and started writing his script, he started from scratch, other than knowing what we had done in Episode VII and projecting out where it was going. He then sat down and put pen to paper, and it’s 100 percent him.”

So it sounds like maybe Lucasfilm isn’t being quite as strict with controlling their filmmakers as their Disney neighbors at Marvel Studios, and that’s some very encouraging news. Abrams added that, “It’s a thrill to see [Johnson] take things and elevate them beyond what we had imagined at the time.”

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s just keep our eyes on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (check out the new photos that were released earlier today), and try to take on these movies one at a time. Obviously sometimes we can’t help ourselves when thinking about the future, but it’s pretty nice to be so excited about the future of Star Wars again, only unlike the prequels, this time we have no idea where we’re going.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives on December 18th.

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