Star Wars The Last Jedi 13

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Rian Johnson visits Star Wars Land and trolls Star Wars fans
  • Luke turns to the Dark Side…or does he?
  • A quick history of Mark Hamill messing with his fans.
  • An outlandish Star Wars Rebels fan theory
  • The Porgs sing the Star Wars theme music.
  • And much more!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson headed out to the under-construction Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland and posted a very happy selfie whilst there. The much anticipated theme park will be opening in 2019 and will cover 14 acres, which is exactly 5.95038e-29 square parsecs, so you’ll definitely be able to traverse it without the Millennium Falcon. Though the park will have a ride in which you fly the legendary freighter, so if you really need her, she’ll be there!

Johnson was also busy engaging in his new favorite hobby: trolling Star Wars fans. He’s been giving us untold amounts of entertainment with his sassy tweets of late and this week was no different, when he responded to a fan query about Luke’s robot hand with a quick quip about how it was an interesting story he definitely wouldn’t be telling.

Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Daisy Ridley opened up about to Vogue this week about the responsibility of carrying the future of the Jedi on her shoulders. The intimate cover interview saw Ridley talk about her experience with J.J. Abrams, which saw him explain to her that to many the Jedi was a religion and a way of life. She also recounted the now infamous moment when Abrams told her that her acting was wooden and if fans couldn’t relate to her the whole franchise would fail. Talk about pressure!

Who doesn’t love Porgs? The cute cuddly puffin like creatures who live alongside cranky old man Luke on Ahch-To, protecting the Jedi Temple and possibly preparing to save the galaxy? Well okay…just like their cuddly forbearers the Ewoks, not everyone adores the Porgs. But for those of us who do, or to annoy those misguided souls who don’t, feast your eyes and ears upon this video of the iconic John Williams Star Wars theme recreated using only Porg cries.


For those of you who cannot wait to get your hands on some very cool, probably collectable, definitely disposable Star Wars merch, Cinemark has you covered with these special edition The Last Jedi 3D glasses! As featured on Star Wars Underworld, you can pick from four fun and outrageous designs based on the radical red Praetorian Guard, hot boi Poe Dameron, secretly evil droid R2-D2, and the brand new Executioner Stormtrooper.

Heroic Hollywood reported that the gorgeous new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer hit an incredible 120 Million views in 24 hours after premiering on Monday night football. Focused heavily on the duality of the Force and the parallels between Rey and Kylo, the trailer was a tour de force and sparked numerous debate about the paths each of our protagonists would take.

American Lightsaber Academy - Star Wars

In another tidbit from her recent stint on the cover of Vogue, Daisy Ridely revealed that using a lightsaber is just as tough as it looks ““They’re really heavy. Three, four, five kilos? And the weight’s very unevenly distributed,” the Last Jedi star told the fashion periodical. To be honest, it still blows our minds that they’re talking about Star Wars in Vouge. So shout out to Daisy Ridley for bringing Lightsaber talk to the high fashion crowd.

Snoke Origin

Andy Serkis and Rian Johnson teamed up to stoke more fan theory flames – Serkis recently said that he “absolutely” knows Snoke’s backstory (via Inverse.) Snoke has arguably been one of the most debated characters in SW canon, with theories floating around that he’s everyone from Mace Windu, to Tarkin to Darth Vader himself. Whatever these two have up their sleeves, it’s unlikely to be revealed anytime soon. As for us, we’re pretty sure Snoke is actually Wicket, shaved and stretched by the force to well over six feet.

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