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In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Han Solo spin-off star Phoebe Waller-Bridge talks about the movie.
  • A fan petition wants Peter Mayhew to cameo in the Han Solo movie.
  • Could Ian McDiarmid play Emperor Palpatine on Star Wars Rebels?
  • Ewan McGregor is still not opposed to an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off.
  • Read excerpts from two Rogue One: A Star Wars Story prequel novels.
  • Rogue One finally finishes its theatrical run.
  • And more!

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

The Playlist’s new Four Quadrants podcast interviewed Phoebe Waller-Bridge, the star of the critically acclaimed comedy series Fleabag. Oh, and also a cast member in the new Han Solo movie that’s shooting right now. We don’t know much about her character and she can’t say much about the movie they’re making, but she does describe the whole thing as “wicked.” You can listen for yourself at the link above.

After 40 years of playing the galaxy’s most loyal Wookiee, actor Peter Mayhew officially stepped down from playing Chewbacca after Star Wars: The Force Awakens due to various health problems. Joonas Suotamo, who played Chewie alongside Mayhew in the film, is taking over the role full-time in the upcoming Han Solo spin-off. However, Mayhew has said that he’d love to cameo in the new movie, letting his unmasked face appear in the Star Wars saga for the first time. A new fan petition has arrived to argue for that to happen:

For the new Han Solo Anthology Film, Young Han Solo and Young Chewbacca will both be played by new young actors. At Star Wars Celebration a few weeks ago, I found out that Peter Mayhew, the actor who has played Chewbacca in every Star Wars film to date, would love the opportunity to have a quick cameo as himself in the background of the new Han Solo standalone film. The precedent has already been set. A number of Star Wars’ masked character actors have donned new costumes in other scenes or even other movies: Warwick Davis, Jeremy Bulloch, Ahmed Best, and Anthony Daniels, to name a few. Their roles demanded little spotlight, but to avid fans of the franchise, their appearances were fun “easter eggs” and provided some unique trivia. In a franchise full of tradition, there’s no other actor more deserving of a playful cameo in the upcoming Han Solo Anthology film. Let the wookiee win!

It remains to be seen if anyone at Lucasfilm will respond, but this is the rare fan petition that actually has its heart in the right place. At the very least, Mayhew himself has endorsed it, as you can see from the tweet embed above.

Star Wars News Net has a very interesting story for fans of Star Wars Rebels. According to one of their sources, Iam McDiarmid has recorded lines for the fourth and final season of the animated series, presumably playing Emperor Palpatine once more. However, the Emperor was previously heard on the show and he was voiced by Sam Witwer (who did an incredible job, as you can hear in the video above). There are several paths from here: this is all untrue, Witwer is being replaced by the real deal to help end the show with a bang (which would be kind of a crappy thing to do), or McDiarmid is playing another character on the show.

We’ve been hearing rumors of a solo Obi-Wan Kenobi movie for years now and Ewan McGregor kept everyone’s hopes alive while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While he can’t say anything concrete (if they are making one, it’s certainly not going to be announced on a talk show), he certainly seems open to returning the character.

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