While Lucasfilm and EA have opted to make this year all about Star Wars Battlefront 2, fans are still anxious for news about the other games in development at the powerhouse publisher. Chief among those is the game being made by Visceral with Amy Hennig and Todd Stashwick at the lead. MakingStarWars has a rumored plot and character information for the game, but be warned, possible spoilers lie behind that link! They do seem to confirm what many fans expected from the extremely brief footage of the main character walking through a doorway – that Stashwick isn’t just co-writing the game, he’s also starring in it.

Just in time for Disney D23 Expo and San Diego Comic-Con, the second trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been classified by the BBFC, Jedi News reports. The trailer clocks in at the more traditional 91 second mark, rather than the two minutes of the first teaser trailer. The classification means the trailer is cut and ready, or at least one form of it is. With D23 just a week before SDCC, it’s anyone’s guess when the trailer will debut, though traditionally classifications are released about 2 weeks ahead, making D23 the closer bet. For now, watch the first teaser trailer again, because it’s so worth a re-watch.

Some Star Wars fans are a bit concerned about the state of the films, after JJ Abrams reportedly ran into barriers at Lucasfilm with The Force Awakens, Edwards had help brought in to rework the whole third act of Rogue One, and now the directors of Han Solo have been outright replaced. In a tweet, though, writer/director Rian Johnson said that’s not the case for The Last Jedi.

“I had as much creative control on TLJ as I’ve ever had on any of my own movies,” he wrote. Hopefully we’ll see that for ourselves in less than half a year.


The next Star Wars book, coming July 25, focuses on the main characters of the next Star Wars video game. In Star Wars Battlefront II: Inferno Squad, Christie Golden gives us a look at Iden Versio and her team as they’re formed by the Empire in response to the actions of the Rebellion. USA Today has the first excerpt from the book, which features Iden’s side of events when the first Death Star was destroyed in Star Wars: A New Hope. It’s fascinating, and as Golden says, “wonderful to be able to explore the Empire’s side of things through the eyes of someone who is a strong, likable person who firmly believes in what she’s been taught the Empire espouses.”

Enjoy Rogue One but never got around to picking up a copy yourself or just do a lot of traveling? Well, it’s coming to Netflix in the US on July 18, so you can stream and rewatch it as many times as you want.


Mark Hamill knows – they smell even worse on the inside. The memories of being pushed into the guts of a Tauntaun to stay warm in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back make him want to stay away from anything related to it, including the toy of it from Kenner decades ago.

Hopefully Luke and company don’t have to disembowel any animals in The Last Jedi.


Finally, Carrie Fisher’s passing has confirmed to have changed things for the future of General Leia in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and director Colin Trevorrow spoke about honoring the character while on the press tour for his current film The Book of Henry:

“Now we’ve had to deal with it in very practical ways and in a form of storytelling we know is going to honour her and keep her soul alive, but it is an unfortunate reality that we’re just going to have to handle. It’s been tough emotionally – and logistically we’ll figure that part out, but she was just very important to the Star Wars family and that was the hardest part.”

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