Star Wars The Last Jedi - Chewbacca and Porg

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Ron Howard shares some very interesting Han Solo set videos.
  • Let’s take a moment appreciate the Porgs.
  • Andy Serkis knows which Snoke theory sucks the most.
  • General/Princess Leia gets yet another title
  • Inferno Squad‘s secrets unlocked
  • And much more!

Ron Howard has shared another pair of videos from the set of the Han Solo movie, showing off some kind of junkyard set. Are we looking at a podracer junkyard of some kind?

Star Wars Explained made a handy video just last week about those adorable little Porgs, the puffin-like creatures that live on Ahch-To with Luke in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, detailing everything we knew about them… and it’s already out of date today. That’s because EW started their The Last Jedi news explosion, including some new bits about the Porgs, including the “Caretakers” on Ahch-To, who are described as “a remote sort of little nunnery” by writer/director Rian Johnson. There’s also a picture of a Porg on the bridge of the Millennium Falcon with Chewie, so maybe he finally gets a co-pilot of his own. An adorable one.


If you haven’t read Inferno Squad yet, you should – it’s an outstanding look inside the Imperial side of the Star Wars story that may make you second-guess your Rebel allegiance, at least a little bit. The official site has an in-depth look at the book, with ten major things it adds to canon, like the story of Jedha as far as the Empire’s citizens know, lots of new details on the Partisans, the Rebel extremists, and what happened to them after Saw’s death, and a surprise cameo from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. MAJOR spoilers for the book abound.


Sperry is jumping into the Star Wars shoe business with a new line of their slip-on and CVO shoes, and they are glorious. The line will go on sale August 10, and feature shoes that have C-3PO and R2-D2, Han and Chewie, and McQuarrie-drawn Luke Starkiller images on the slip-ons, and some nice Rebel Alliance and Imperial Cog symbol CVOs. Time to go blow a paycheck!


Reddit user and Star Wars fan “Shine_o” created the amazing Star Wars: The Last Jedi fan poster you see above. Now, this poster uses images from Vanity Fair and leaked behind-the-scenes images we swear we never looked at when they leaked, swear. SWEAR (man they were cool), so the poster might wind up going away. The image, with Luke in the background encompassing everyone, Kylo appropriately turning away (but from Luke or the First Order? Hmm), and Rey ready for a challenge could be the real deal. Quick, Disney, hire this person!

Everything Ron Howard shares or says just makes us feel better and better that he’s directing a Star Wars movie. How’s he helping to crack and block scenes? The same way we’ve all been doing since we were three years old: with action figures! If this is all it takes to direct a Star Wars film, then I’ve been directing Star Wars movies for 30 years.

Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia

Princess, Senator, Diplomat, Rebel Spy, Traitor – those are the first five titles we heard associated with Leia Organa in Star Wars. In Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when Poe Dameron referred to her as General, adding another to the list, Lor San Tekka replied, “To me, she’s royalty,” noting that she’s still remembered by at least one of those titles from the past. Now, fans are discovering a revelation made by George Lucas 13 years ago, in the commentary track for the DVD release of Star Wars: A New Hope, that Leia also had her doctorate, having received her PhD sometime shortly before the events of that film at age 19. Whether that’s “canon” or not, who cares, it’s cool, and another layer to one of the best characters in fiction.

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