The official site has an interview with Darth Vader comic writer Charles Soule about his “shocking” first arc (get it? With the image? Get it?) of the series. It takes place just seconds after the end of Revenge of The Sith. In the first arc, Vader is tortured by the Emperor, hunts and kills a Jedi-in-Exile, dominates a lightsaber crystal, and sees a potential future of redemption in the Force. It’s awesome and you should be reading it.

But for Vader to fight a Jedi, that meant a Jedi had to survive, and that required Soule to invent a way for Order 66 to have not affected one. Enter the Barash Vow, a natural extension of the fact the Jedi are akin to Monks in an Order.

“Then, it’s about running it by Story Group and making sure that they’re cool with it. Fortunately, they said, ‘This is great.’ They love when things are additive, generally speaking, as long as they don’t contradict existing storytelling. The Barash Vow is something that can be used in different places. It’s not common, so it doesn’t have to come up or be referred to all the time. It gives the Jedi a very interesting history.”

He also teases the Inquisitors coming in the next arc, which should be a super fun tie-in for Rebels fans. The challenge is “how does he manage them without killing them?”


Carrie Fisher’s personal Star Wars scripts are up for auction in October, when large portions of her and Debbie Reynolds’ personal property will be auctioned off. Her scripts contain personal notes, as many as 1,000 words of them, as she parsed out Leia and figured out this galaxy far, far away. Nerdist has the details, but don’t expect to get these on the cheap; they’re expecting anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 for each script.

HasCon, Hasbro’s own toy convention, revealed first looks at several new Star Wars toys that weren’t part of the Force Friday release. The first is Benicio del Toro’s character DJ (his headband says “Don’t Join” in the Star Wars written alphabet known as Aurebesh), as he appears in the casino city of Canto Bight.

Next is the black series version of Finn in First Order Disguise. We’ve known for awhile now that Finn and new character Rose would be going on an undercover mission; this is what he’ll be wearing in that portion of the movie.

Luke Skywalker is rocking a staff along with his Ahch-To duds… but what does this mean for his green (Return of the Jedi) lightsaber? Is it hidden in the staff? WILL HE IGNITE THE GREEN?


There is also a Force Link General Leia (properly labeled as General, not Princess like that one Funko POP people can’t figure out), a new Rey “Island Journey” figure with a super bulky cloak that makes her look a little like a Porg, a Darth Vader black series helmet, Captain Poe Dameron, Praetorian Guard, Rose in Resistance Tech, Supreme Leader Snoke, some non-TLJ figs, and this awesome set of Rose in First Order Disguise with a BB-8 and BB-9E figure.


The audiobook version of the much-anticipated From a Certain Point of View, an anthology book with 40 stories by all-star writers (many of whom have worked on Star Wars in some capacity before, some who are brand-new to it), will also have an all-star line-up. Jon Hamm was announced as the voice of Boba Fett on the audiobook, though some fans are upset they didn’t just give actor Temeura Morrison (Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones) or Daniel Logan (Boba in the movie, and on The Clone Wars, so a proven voice actor) the role. Nevertheless, we’ll also be getting Ashley Eckstein and Janina Gavankar, likely playing their roles from other mediums, along with Neil Patrick Harris and many more. Full line-up at the link.


Hot Toys is doing a 1/6 scale release of both BB-8 and BB-9E from The Last Jedi, but more importantly, they’re doing it in a special collectible set that also includes a 1/6 Mouse Droid. They light-up and they’re adorable.

So ha, Mark Hamill is not a little short to be a stormtrooper! Action figures have never lied to us, after all. I mean, Finn totally had the Skywalker lightsaber and used it effectively for like 6 whole seconds, guys.

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