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A few weeks ago, it looked like author J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens book had been canceled, which led to a fair amount of moaning and groaning and gnashing of teeth. After all, his previous books on the making of the original trilogy are nothing short of exceptional. Of course he’s the guy went digging into the newest movie. However, the death of his latest book was announced prematurely, as it is back on the schedule for an October 25, 2016 release. Star Wars News Net recently sat down with Rinzler for an interview, but he seemed as in-the-dark about what’s going on with the book as anyone else:

I was with them (Lucasfilm) right up until the release of the film. My last day was December 31st. And um, yeah, I did a manuscript of The Making of The Force Awakens with Mark Vaz. I’m not the spokesperson, you know, I’m not sure what the last thing they said, in terms of what’s happening with the book. I think they have delayed it. For, you know, whatever reasons.

So if there’s any delay, it’s Lucasfilm’s doing…which is the kind of thing that allows you to cook up a conspiracy theory or two. His other books have been warts-and-all portrayals, taking a deep dive into the production of three enormous films and leaving no stone unturned. With The Force Awakens still fresh in everyone’s minds, is it possible that the studio was hesitant about publishing a book that may expose even the smallest problems on set? After all, they are currently facing legal action over Harrison Ford’s leg injury. Or it could be as simple as Lucasfilm not wanting anyone knowing about the alternate versions of the film that could have happened. For example, here’s Rinzler confirming that the book he turned in featured details about George Lucas’ original vision for future films before he sold Star Wars to Disney:

He did, but given how he’s said they didn’t really follow his ideas, it’s for him to say. Because the book has been delayed, I really don’t think I can talk about it–except to say that when the book does come out, if it’s as originally written, fans will learn a lot more.

The full interview is a good read, but I especially enjoyed this George Lucas anecdote:

One of the first things George said to me when I interviewed him on Episode III was, ‘You know, I’m not a director, I’m not a film director.’  I was thinking ‘What?  What is he talking about?’.  He says, ‘Steven Spielberg, he’s a director.  He says put the camera here, lay down the dolly track, and so on.  I’m out there collecting footage.’  He’s collecting material, which he then works on in the editing room.  For him, the whole process is very painful, up until he gets to editorial…I think that’s the part, relatively speaking, he enjoys the most.

George Lucas The Force Awakens Reaction

Speaking of Lucas, the now-retired creator of Star Wars recently watched his plans to build a “narrative arts” museum in Chicago go belly-up. So now, he’s returned to the city where he originally wanted to build it and they’ve seemingly welcomed him with open arms. It’s looking like the museum may be heading to San Francisco’s Treasure Island, a move that city supervisor Aaron Peskin says will benefit all parties:

Treasure Island actually has been lacking a lot of what I call the “special sauce.” What it’s been lacking is a ferry service — remember, it’s an island in the middle of the bay and it’s got a congested bridge. If we could actually have an attraction on Treasure Island it might be able to sustain a ferry service and if we could sustain that we could make the entire island work. You know, I sued over that project for a number of years as the City walked away from a deal that would reduce the amount of affordable housing and reduce the amount of ferry service. Perhaps the Lucas museum could be the special sauce.

Considering Lucas’ origins as a filmmaker in the Bay Area, this feels like it could be the right spiritual choice, too. Meanwhile, the city of Los Angeles has made it clear that they would welcome the museum as well.

And before we depart the subject of George Lucas, please enjoy this hilariously gut-wrenching video, were YouTuber Harrison Jeffs re-edited a Charlie Rose interview with George Lucas to emphasize the director’s pain over never winning an Oscar. It’s okay, Mr. Lucas. You can go take a nap on your bed made out of $100 bills now.

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