While we’re on the subject of Star Wars books, has posted a brief interview with Bloodline author Claudia Gray, who revealed “7 things you don’t know” about the book. For example, she explained how Bloodline required far more attention to established canon than her first Star Wars book, Lost Stars:

The biggest difference was that the canon was a lot stricter on BloodlineSince the galaxy’s timeline for the events in Episodes IV-VI is already well established, and Thane and Ciena were my creations, I could do almost anything that still allowed us to touch on the big battles of the war against the Empire. Bloodline had to slot much more tightly into canon!

Gray also revealed that she snuck a whole bunch of references to other science fiction stories into the book:

Pretty much every other alien or planet name in the book is, in some way, a tribute to Mad Max: Fury Road, because fandom is like that. Oh, and I sneaked in another Star Trek reference. Everyone needs a hobby.

If you don’t have time to delve into the new Star Wars novels, the always useful Star Wars Minute has dedicated a new episode to Korr Sella, the Resistance Envoy to the New Republic Senate who is blown to smithereens by the First Order’s initial attack with Starkiller Base.

LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer

We’ve known that the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens video game would feature story beats from beyond the scope of the original movie and thanks to Empire, we now know a few details. As part of an interview with game director Jamie Eden, they revealed that the game will allow you to control Han Solo and Chewbacca on an adventure prior to them meeting Finn and Rey:

One area in which the game will open up the Star Wars lore is the Rashtar Hunting level. The Rashtars, you’ll remember, are the giant tentacled aliens that Han Solo is capturing for King Prana. In the game, you get to play as Han before his encounter with Finn and Rey. “[Prana] is a collector of exotic animals and wants Rathtars for his collection. Han and Chewie travel to a distant planet – Twon Ketee – with their crew to capture some of the beasts lurking in the gassy caverns, all whilst a rival crew descend upon their location to try and capture the beasts themselves.”

Honestly, hunting Rashtar probably isn’t what most fans were hoping for when they heard this game would feature additional backstory, but let’s face it – a LEGO game was never going to drop major revelations.

Star Wars Battlefront Reviews

If you want another Star Wars game that doesn’t simulate playing with tiny plastic bricks, Electronic Arts has got you covered. The company’s official blog has announced that Respawn Entertainment, the company behind the futuristic first person shooter Titanfall, are now working on a new Star Wars video game. And they’re hiring:

Today, I’m thrilled to be able to announce that EA and the talented team at Respawn Entertainment have expanded our relationship to include the development of an all-new 3rd person action adventure game set in the Star Wars universe. They join our other great studios – Visceral Games, DICE, Capital Games, BioWare, Motive and more – who are currently working on Star Wars projects. If you’re interested in joining us on this adventure, you can visit our Careers page – we have openings at Visceral and Motive and will be sharing more on these experiences soon.

The official statement from Respawn’s Stig Asmussen is far more emotional and personal, explaining how much Star Wars means to the people who work at the company:

For me, just typing these words is surreal. I have been playing Star Wars games my whole life, now I get to make a Star Wars game.  On top of that, I get to do it at Respawn, a studio comprised of the most talented collection of game makers, creators, visionaries, and (most importantly) advocates for the player, that I have had the good fortune to work with.  And we, like you all, have no shortage of Star Wars passion.

The entire company erupted in cheers when it was announced that this would be our next endeavor.

But it’s not all fun and games — we promise to pay respect to the Star Wars legacy at all times, a fact that will be constantly reinforced and honored as a central game design tenet.  Fans should expect the exemplary level of quality first established at Respawn with Titanfall, a game that epitomizes our studio’s dedication to slick, larger-than-life action and fun, groundbreaking mechanics.  Moving forward, we couldn’t ask for a better universe in which to continue this journey, and although I would love to share all of the exciting places we are going, we have the following piece of information to divulge with you all today:

We’ll be making a third-person action/adventure game set in the Star Wars universe.

As both statements make clear, the game will be a third-person action game. Any details beyond that, including characters and when in the Star Wars timeline the game will be set, remains under wraps.

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