Ewan McGregor Gets Comfy as Obi-Wan

There have been rumblings of an Obi-Wan Kenobi spin-off movie focusing on the character in the time between Revenge of the Sith and the original 1977 Star Wars for some time now, but there has yet to be any concrete news. Ewan McGregor is down for it and the fans would like to see it, but Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy have been playing their cards close to the vest. If they are seriously considering it, they aren’t talking. However, take note of this excerpt from an interview in Total Film, where McGregor adds an interesting new piece to the puzzle:

There’s obviously a story there. There’s 20 years where he’s in the desert after he’s delivered Luke and Leia. I’ve always been keen to do that one. A friend of mine who I’ve worked with as a director, went in to pitch a story idea to them. Nothing’s come of it yet, but we’ll see.

Although Marvel’s Star Wars comics having been exploring this story recently, there’s nothing stopping them from taking this slice of the saga to the big screen. After all, everyone seems interested, including a director who decided to pitch the project…and it would be nice to McGregor’s excellent take on Obi-Wan to be seen in a good Star Wars movie for once.

Yep, Star Wars: Force For Change is back and this video with Kathleen Kennedy and Mark Hamill is a hoot. Come for Hamill being a giant ham, but stay for the chance to donate money to an excellent cause and possibly win some very cool Star Wars swag.

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There is a certain corner of every fandom that is concerned entirely with whether or not certain characters will hook up or not. And that’s okay. This is judgment free-zone. You are entirely allowed to concern yourself with the sex lives of fictional characters. Naturally, The Force Awakens has inspired all kinds of “shipping” movements, with fans hoping to see any number of characters getting it on. The most popular of the bunch is undoubtedly the relationship between Finn and Poe Dameron, which some fans hope will blossom into a full-blown romance. However, there is also “Reylo,” the pet name for the pairing of Rey and Kylo Ren. When asked about his opinion on Reylo, artist surfacage responded with this comic, which posits a potential direction for that particular relationship. To his credit, I can actually see the future films embracing this particular piece of fan fiction.

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