In today’s edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • That LEGO set for Alderaan looks just about right.
  • Fans restore the original Star Wars and it looks stunning.
  • Peter Mayhew shares more pages from his original Star Wars screenplay.
  • Artist Dan Mumford reveals very cool new The Empire Strikes Back art.
  • The 2016 Star Wars Fan Film Awards are now open for submissions.
  • The first trailer for LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures is here.
  • Lucasfilm is currently hiring, so get on that.
  • And more!

If you enjoyed the image at the top of today’s Star Wars Bits, make sure you pay Jedi News a little love for initially sharing it on their Instagram.

A week ago, Movie Mezzanine published an in-depth article chronicling a group of dedicated fans who set out to restore Star Wars to its original, non-special edition glory by meticulously scanning and cleaning up an old 35mm print. It’s a terrific read if you care about good things. Now, a few video examples of their stunning work have begun to arrive online and they are astounding. The video above compares their work to the battered film print they were working with the the video below compares their work to the Blu-ray release, which messed with the original film’s colors. As “Team Negative One” explains:

The official Star Wars Blu-ray was sourced from the original negative, while Team Negative One’s was sourced from a theatrical 35mm print, several generations away from that negative, so it is more grainy and not nearly so sharp. However, the colors are much more natural than the overly saturated levels artificially applied to the Blu-ray in an attempt to make it “fit in” more with the look of the Prequel trilogy.

Until Lucasfilm is willing or able to release a proper restored version of the original trilogy, we’ll have to rely on talented fans like this to keep the Star Wars legacy alive. It’s a thankless task for which I am very thankful.

Making Star Wars has a very cool post about the “FEM7” armor kit, a unique set of Stormtrooper armor specifically designed for women. If you’re not just going to pull the trigger and attend your next Comic-Con in full Captain Phasma regalia, this will certainly do.

Peter Mayhew, otherwise known as the man in the Chewbacca suit since 1977, has been sharing pages from his original screenplay for Star Wars on Twitter. And it’s a real treat: this screenplay is from back when the film had a different title (“The Journal of the Whills”) and a few character names had yet to be decided (Luke Starkiller, anyone?). The sharing of this script will supposedly climax with some kind of big announcement, so stay tuned. In the meantime, enjoy these pages and picking apart what made it to the final film and what got changed.

Artist Dan Mumford has revealed a new piece of art titled “Never Tell Me the Odds” that offers a unique view of an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back. You can buy an 18″ x 24″ print right now from Dark Ink in both its original form and a variant for $50 a pop. Preview both options in the gallery below:

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