If you played a minor character in a Star Wars movie, you could make a pretty decent living hitting up the convention circuit, signing autographs for a few bucks a pop. However, one actor has spent the past decades cloaked in mystery as he was uncredited in the actual film. You may recognize Boshek as the fellow in the Mos Eisley Cantina who points Obi-Wan and Luke in the direction of Han Solo and Chewbacca (he has a toy and everything). No one knew the name of the actor who played him until investigative reporter Bill Jensen decided to find out and the results are surprisingly compelling. Eventually, managed to contact the daughter of the man-who-was-Boshek:

My Dad, Mr. Frances Alfred Basil Tomlin played the part of Boshek. Everyone knew my Dad as Tom. Unfortunately my Dad passed away over 11 years ago now, but it would be nice if we could get his name recognized as his claim to fame was his part as Boshek and a storm trooper in the first Star Wars film.

So there you go. He may be a minor character, but Boshek’s tiny contribution to the Star Wars story now feels complete.

What happens when you combine Mario Kart and Star Wars into one thing? You get Star Kart, a new animated video that puts the Super Mario Bros. cast in Star Wars vehicles for a silly race throughout space. And yes, somehow those damn bananas still prove effective against advanced space craft. If nothing else, this thing has us itching to play Star Wars Episode I Racer again. Hey, Lucasfilm: can we get another Star Wars racing game? You don’t have to find a way to license Mario characters, though. Regular ‘ol Star Wars characters will be fine.

If you’re not reading Marvel’s Darth Vader comic, you’re missing out. The series, which follows Vader’s various adventures in the time between the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, has been consistently strong and the latest issue contained an all-time great moment for the Sith lord. Long story short: Emperor Palptaine has been training potential replacements for his right hand cyborg and Vader doesn’t take to kindly to this. So he pays his boss a little visit, as you can see in the pages above. Thanks to io9 for the images.

star wars species

A team working out of Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne ran the entirety of the Star Wars expanded universe through a computer and a bunch of fascinating details emerged. Now, their research is your trivia! Via Gizmodo:

The Expanded Star Wars Universe consists of a whopping 21,647 characters. That number drops to 19,612 if every character listed as “unidentified” is removed. Of these, an astounding 7,563 play an important role. Among those drawn to the ways of the Force, 1,367 are Jedi and 724 are Sith. These characters are dispersed among 640 distinct communities on 294 planets. Surprisingly, 78 percent of the galaxy’s population is human.

If you want to explore a whole bunch of charts and graphs, make sure you hit the link above.

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