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Kotaku has uncovered screenshots from the canceled Star Wars Outpost mobile game, which would have been a deep strategy game that only looked like a Star Wars re-skin of FarmVille. It sounds like it would have been one helluva good time:

But our tipster insisted that Star Wars Outpost would have actually been more complex than people assumed, calling it a “very hardcore game.” Players would have been able to manage outposts, trade resources with other players, and choose whether to support the Rebels or the Empire while building a variety of settlements, the tipster said. Players would have also been able to betray one another for resources, which is a tad different than FarmVille.

The game may be dead, but you can gaze over these images and imagine what could have been.

And while you won’t be able to play Star Wars Outpost any time soon, you will soon be able to play as Yoda in the Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes mobile game, so maybe life is still worth living after all. Check out the new trailer below:

Jedi Bibliothek claims to have uncovered episode titles for the final stretch of Star Wars Rebels season 2 and Star Wars Underworld has provided a rough translation of their report. What’s most interesting about this news is the two-part finale, which suggests that both episodes will probably be edited together for one hour-long event. Here are the episode titles:

  • 2 × 18 “Shroud of Darkness” (roughly: “Veil of Darkness”) – USA: March 2, 2016
  • 2 × 19 “The Forgotten Droid” (roughly: “The forgotten droid” – USA: March 16, 2016
  • 2 × 20 “The Mystery of Chopper Base” (roughly: “The secret of the chopper base”) – USA: March 23, 2016
  • 2 × 21 “Twilight of the Apprentice: Part I” (roughly: “Twilight of the student: Part I” – or “the student”) – USA: March 30, 2016
  • 2 × 22 “Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II” (roughly: Twilight of the student: Part II “) – USA: March 30, 2016

And with a title like “Twilight of the Apprentice,” you just know that Darth Vader and Ahsoka are finally going to have a little reunion.

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You know how you spent way too much money on Star Wars toys last year? Hasbro thanks you. They thank you very much. Their overall revenue thanks you. Via Toy World:

Hasbro reported strong revenue during the Christmas period and was boosted by demand for Star Wars related toys.

Hasbro’s line-up of toys related to The Force Awakens and the rest of the sci-fi franchise led to a 35% sales increase in boys’ toys, helping overall revenue rise 13% to $1.47bn.

Chief executive Brian Goldner said the company’s overall Star Wars business for the year was “very similar” to the near $500m it made in 2005 when Revenge of the Sith was released.

Hasbro is trying to boost sales of its girls’ toys division, which reported a 17% slump last year, and is seeking to add more Disney licences geared towards girls.

Speaking of major corporations whose leaders are currently cackling while swimming through Scrooge McDuck-esque vaults of money, Disney exceeded quarterly expectations in every way thanks to the phenomenal success of Star Wars. According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Disney posted earnings of $1.63 per share on $15.24 billion in revenue, numbers that beat the forecasts of most Wall Street analysts who expected a profit of $1.45 per share on revenue of $14.7 billion.

The always useful Star Wars Minute YouTube channel has released an episode diving into the history of the Millennium Falcon, namely the legendary ship’s previous owners before it fell into the hands of that scoundrel, Han Solo.

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