Mark Englert's Star Wars: The Force Awakens metal print

Okay, so I know we might be in Star Wars news overload right now with Entertainment Weekly yesterday releasing new Force Awakens photos, details on the film’s villain Kylo Ren, details on why JJ Abrams wanted to direct Episode 7 and talk of mapping out the new Star Wars trilogy of films. But the Star Wars bits must march on. Here is what you can find it today’s edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Details about the upcoming Star Wars: Rise of the Empire anthology of novels, which includes three new short stories.
  • Star Wars: Rogue One is set to shoot on location at Pymmes Park, Edmonton, London
  • Star Wars: Art Awakens competition and art show announced for November at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles.
  • Rumors that a new Star Wars ride could be coming to Tomorrowland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.
  • ILM shows off their Star Wars virtual Reality experience at Siggraph.
  • How we will be handling coverage of Star Wars toys in the future.
  • Watch an official Disney unboxing of the Star Wars Disney Infinity starter box.
  • Hotel Reservations for Star Wars Celebration Europe.
  • And a first look at the first piece, a mini metal prints from Gallery1988’s Star Wars: Art Awakens and artists Mark Englert and DKNG.

All that and more, in today’s Star Wars Bits!

Mark Englert's Star Wars: The Force Awakens metal print

The above Force Awakens print by artist Mark Englert will be available to fans at D23 Expo 2015. The 20 inch by 20 inch metal limited edition print (with the gray colors showing through to the metal) will be available at the Art Awakens booth (#1415). Proceeds benefit UNICEF Kid Power initiative in the name of Star Wars: Force for Change. We’ve covered Mark Englert’s art many times in the past, which includes work based on Jurassic World, Jaws, Simpsons, Star Wars and more.

First Order Star Wars print by DKNG

Another 20×20 metal print which will be available to a lucky few at D23 is the the First Order version by DKNG Studios, which will also be available at booth #1415. DKNG is yet another one of our favorite artists who we’ve written about many times over the past few years.

Star Wars: Rise of the Empire

Del Rey has revealed details about the upcoming Star Wars: Rise of the Empire anthology of novels. The series, which will hit book stores on October 6th 2015, will feature two previously published novels, Star Wars: Tarkin by James Luceno, and Star Wars: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller­, alongside three original short stories. Lucas film promises that “Together, these five works will chronicle events and provide readers with new insights into the scope and power of the formidable Galactic Empire.” Here are the  titles and plot synopses for the three short stories that will be included in this anthology:

MERCY MISSION by Melissa Scott

Years before she led the crew of the Ghost, Hera Syndulla was a young pilot looking to make a difference in the galaxy. Hera sets out with Goll — a close ally of her father, Cham Syndulla — on a dangerous mission to help the citizens of her homeworld, Ryloth, now languishing under the might of the Empire.

BOTTLENECK by John Jackson Miller

When Grand Moff Tarkin is tasked by Emperor Palpatine to investigate a dispute slowing Imperial production on a backwater planet, he expects an easy mission. Instead, Tarkin must forge a tense alliance with Count Vidian, the Empire’s newest rising star and a most capable rival. Matching wits and risking betrayal at every turn, the two powerful Imperials duel to gain the upper hand…and elude, at all costs, the price of failure.


As Imperial and Rebel forces clash on and above the Forest Moon of Endor, Admiral Rae Sloane commands from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Vigilance. At a time where the stakes could not be higher, Sloane works to protect the Death Star and ensure Imperial victory, all too aware of the uncertain future for the Empire that may lie in the aftermath of the battle.

Sounds like some fun stories, but I’m not sure this Anthology will be worth buying if you already own the hardcovers of the recently released Tarkin and A New Dawn novels. Either way, you can preorder now on Amazon.

Star Wars Rogue One

Gareth EdwardsStar Wars anthology film Star Wars: Rogue One is currently shooting in the UK. Earlier this week we saw the first photos from setJediNews has learned that some exterior filming for the movie will be taking place at Pymmes Park, in Edmonton, London. Word has gotten out because local residents have been contacted and “are being compensated for any disruption caused.”

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