Star Wars: The Force Awakens Apoca Star Destroyer on Jakku created by KevFett2011 with 12,000 lego bricks

In today’s edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Have the current Disneyland Star Wars Land plans been rejected by the Disney board?
  • Disney head Bob Iger tries to temper huge box office expectations for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Exclusive extras to come with Star Wars Battlefront and Star Wars Disney Infinity bundles at select retailers.
  • Simon Kinberg describes how the brain trust plots the new Star Wars films
  • TOYS “R” US will host a Midnight “Force Friday” Celebration
  • The header image is a Star Wars: The Force Awakens Apoca Star Destroyer on Jakku created by KevFett2011 with 12,000 lego bricks
  • Possible Spoilers: A new rumor claims an iconic Star Wars character might be getting a Force Awakens action figure — even if this is true, does it mean anything for the film?

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Just yesterday in Star Wars Bits we told you that Stifel analysts Benjamin Mogil and Kevin Lee Hon Siong are projecting that Star Wars: The Force Awakens could gross around $2.2 billion globally. Well yesterday during the Disney Quarterly Investor Earnings Call, Disney boss Bob Iger suggested that analysts should temper their expectations.

“On the Star Wars front, we know there is just incredible interest in this film. We put two teaser trailers out, and the response has just been enormous. Anything that moves gets a lot of attention, and the anticipation is obviously huge. We’ve seen some examples already of Star Wars product going on the marketplace on the consumer products front, including in markets like China, that are very, very encouraging. That said, as enthusiastic as we are for what we know of the film, we have not seen a Star Wars film — an original one — since 2005. And there are markets around the world that are less familiar with Star Wars than, say, the United States, for instance. While the enthusiasm is, I think, rather apparent, we just want to be careful that the world doesn’t get ahead of us too much in terms of the estimates, and we’ve seen them as well. We’re making, at this point, no estimates whatsoever in terms of what we believe the film will do.We know we have probably the most valuable film franchise that ever existed. We know we have the ability as a company to leverage it in very compelling ways, whether it’s Disney Infinity, whether it’s at the parks, whether it’s on the consumer products front or TV front. We fully expect the success of this film will reverberate throughout the company, not only in 2016 but in the years beyond, because we obviously have a rich slate of Star Wars films coming. Let’s all continue to anticipate the movie and be optimistic about it. But we have to take a wait-and-see approach about what it will do.”

I do wonder what the internal Disney projections are for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens box office. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is the highest grossing Star Wars film ever released, yet it couldn’t even cross the $1 billion mark. But that was 16 years ago, and the theatrical marketplace has changed with larger ticket prices thanks to large screen formats like IMAX and 3D and premium experiences. I still believe besting Titanic’s $2.186 billion isn’t out of the question.

Star Wars Launch Bay

Someone claiming to be in the know says that the Disney board has rejected the current plans for Star Wars land at Disneyland. Because Disney Imagineering is so secretive about future plans, we are unable to confirm this rumor, so take it with a grain of salt for now (but I’m sure we’ll find out in just a week and a half at D23 Expo 2015 in Anaheim):

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