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Is Star Wars: Aftermath Worth Reading?

The consensus seems to be that if you’re looking for a cool adventure that happens after Return of the Jedi, then you’ll mostly enjoy Star Wars: Aftermath. But if you’re looking for a book that fills the entire gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, this is just the beginning, and that might disappoint you. Here’s some fresh takes on the book:

Geek of Oz says:

The central plot on Akiva doesn’t disappoint. There’s more than enough character development of our main quartet and villains, woven nicely around the greater narrative movements. Every character – including a few you’d be familiar with from the movies – gets a good chance to shine and has some nice backstory included, and the group dynamic of the protagonist foursome is quite well-balanced.

And they also add:

If I have one overwhelming problem with Aftermath, it goes thusly: the book needs to be read one of two certain ways. It’s either a bridge between Jedi and Awakens, or it’s a good post-Jedi novel in the new canon. Personally, I prefer the latter reading, because those going for the former are going to be disappointed. As I said, there are plenty of sequel hooks used throughout that will pay off either in this Aftermath trilogy or in Eps VII, VIII and IX, and there are quite clearly seeds of Awakens planted in several key scenes across the galaxy, but it’s not really a transitional text the way it was advertised.

Meanwhile, IGN seems a little more underwhelmed with the book:

Like many Star Wars novels before it, Aftermath attempts to mingle popular movie characters with original heroes and villains. Sadly, the new cast of protagonists mostly fall flat. Sinjir, an Imperial loyalty officer turned accidental Rebel, has some promise, but he rarely gets the chance to shine. Bounty hunting sniper Jas begins the tale as a satisfyingly imposing adventurer but ultimately disappoints. Former Y-Wing pilot Norra has an interesting back story, but I could never bring myself to care about her attempts to heal the rift with her insufferable, pedantic child Temmin. And patched together droid-warrior Mr. Bones (yes, that’s his name) is just stupid. Cringe-worthy, Attack of the Clones-level stupid.

And they end their review with this:

Ultimately, Aftermath is like a series of stained glass windows, a skillfully-crafted tale rendered in still scenes, a story artfully told in brief snippets and glimpses. But there’s no sun behind the glass, no bathing light or warmth of substance streaming through the panes. In the end, our first big look at a new galaxy far, far away feels muted, fragmented, and incomplete.

Star Wars Aftermath

Ethan’s Own Thoughts on the Book

As of now, I’m just under 100 pages into the book, and I’m enjoying the simultaneous familiarity of the Star Wars universe we all know and love combined with new characters, stories and locations that we’re just now becoming acquainted with.

Even in the early part of the book, it’s clear that this isn’t storyline isn’t going out of its way to set anything major up for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and much like the previous Expanded Universe books, they’re just giving us new stories that exists in the Star Wars universe. And for big fans like, that’s probably just fine.

The way the story jumps around is a little overwhelming at first, with very short chapters and a lot of new characters to figure out. The interludes provide a nice break from the main story, and they actually might be even more fascinating than the core adventure. If there was an entire book of just short stories like this set in the Star Wars universe, I would read that in a heartbeat. It’s these interludes that I feel like gives us the best idea of the world we’ll be entering when The Force Awakens arrives in December.

Don’t forget that this is the first in a new trilogy of books, so we should give this new canon timeline a little leeway to make some waves before making and full judgment on how this all ties into the new Star Wars trilogy. But again, if you just want a bunch of information about what your favorite characters did between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, this book is not for you.

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