Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 32

At some point, a new technical manual will be released, telling us where in the ship this room is located and how it works. But right now…is it a medical chamber? A meditation chamber? It doesn’t ring any bells for me, personally. Break out your ship maps and charts, everyone. Maybe we can suss this one out.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 33

“I’m trying to save you. I’m trying to save all of you.” That’s all well and good, but could you take a step to your right to block that enormous lens flare? Anyway, it wouldn’t be Star Trek without some self-righteousness and Burnham seems to have that down.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 34

Like the bridge itself, the corridors here are more muted than those seen in the new movies (and they’re a far cry from the plush, hotel-esque corridors of the Next Generation era).

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 35

Two notes here. First, could this blinding light and shrill sound be caused by the mysterious alien object Commander Burnham was investigating earlier in the trailer? Second, it really isn’t Star Trek unless members of the bridge crew are asked to pantomime some kind of disaster while the post-production team does everything in their power to make sure no one looks silly.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 36

Will every episode of Star Trek: Discovery have shots like this or will these vistas only show up in the pilot and vanish by episode two? That’s my genuine concern, even as scenes like this make my jaw drop. TV Trek has never looked like this.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 37

Here’s some angry funeral wailing, just in case you wanted to add some new gutturals to your collection of Klingon phrases.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 38

So we’ve seen Klingons, Vulcans, a blue-skinned alien that follows that Star Trek formula of looking like a human except for some new colors and bumps and…this guy. The hood and the background suggest that this could be a species living on the desert planet seen earlier in the trailer. What’s interesting to me is that this guy looks more like a Star Wars alien than a Star Trek alien, mainly because the former has always had more money to create outlandish and distinctly non-humanoid aliens. Discovery seems to have enough money to go all-in on alien creatures that defy categorization.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 39

I like this weird VR helmet thing because it rides a fine line. It’s futuristic enough to look like it belongs in our future while also looking just clunky enough that it wouldn’t look out of place on the original ’60s series. As for its purpose, that screen seems to imply that it could be used for anything from navigation to weapons targeting.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 40

“We target its neck, cut off its head.”

“Starfleet doesn’t fire first.”

“We have to!”

It looks like the captain and her commander are going to have a disagreement over how to handle a tricky situation. The question of aggression versus diplomacy is a classic Trek debate and one that I look forward to seeing explored…especially since Martin-Green is in the rare position of playing a Star Trek hero who seems to think shooting first is the right call.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 41

“My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone. To sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now.” Yikes. That’s a terribly particular purpose. We don’t know much about Saru’s species (they were specially created for Star Trek: Discovery), so it’s impossible to understand the full context of what he’s talking about here. However, both he and Commander Burnham look down during this conversation, which could mean nothing…or it could mean someone is literally dying in their presence. This only furthers my suspicion that Captain Georgiou may not be long for this universe.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 42

The trailer ends with the reveal that Commander Burnham is not alone on that mysterious alien object. There’s someone (something?) else there…

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 43

…and it’s ready to fight. The armor and bladed weapons suggest that this could be a Klingon, which would certainly make sense. A fight to the death between a Starfleet officer and a Klingon warrior is certainly dramatic…and it could lead to the conflict between their respective fleets glimpsed elsewhere in the trailer…and it could also lead to that funeral we saw earlier. After all, there’s no way Burnham doesn’t walk away from this one. This guy is going down.

Star Trek Discovery Trailer Breakdown 44

While the trailer itself is a little weird and clunky (they’re apparently only using footage from the first episode or two and can only work with what’s finished), I’m feeling pretty good about what we’ve seen so far. This is definitely Star Trek for 2017 audiences: glossy, action-packed, and filled with characters representing a wider swath of humanity (not to mention fancy-looking aliens). It may not look like traditional Trek, but this may be exactly what the series needs at this point. If it can blend what worked on the big screen with what has always worked on the small screen, this could be something special.

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