Star Trek Discovery Comic-Con Exhibit

Star Trek is coming back to television in a big way this fall with an all new series coming to CBS All Access. Since San Diego Comic-Con is full of the kind of nerds who are looking forward to exploring the final frontier, it should come as no surprise that Star Trek: Discovery has a big presence at Comic-Con.

Not only is there a panel here at the convention, but CBS All Access also put together a little Star Trek: Discovery exhibition full of props, costumes and artwork of the new ships that fans will see when the new series begins this fall. Lucky for you, we got a closer look at everything on display, which includes tons of new information about the show’s characters and much more.

Check out all of our images from the Star Trek Discovery Comic-Con exhibit below.

Because we have so many images from the exhibition with detailed information for each one, we’ve separated everything we saw into three categories across three pages. All of the text information with each item was provided by information cards at the exhibit.

Let’s begin with some images showing off the new Starfleet gear from Star Trek: Discovery:

Star Trek Discovery Communicator, Tricorder and Insignia Badges

Starfleet Communicator, Tricorder and Insignia Badges

Standard issue by Starfleet Command for away missions, the communicator design is heavily influenced by the communications from the original Star Trek and is made from milled aluminum.

The tricorder is for scanning and recording data on away missions. It was built and painted in Los Angeles and its screen employs the use of a smart phone with video looping images and includes a removable hand-held scanner. It was made entirely with a 3D printer.

The Starfleet insignia badges were made to match the trim of the uniforms and are matched to Starfleet divisions: command (gold), sciences and medical (silver), and operations (copper). The gold, copper, and silver badges were made in Toronto by making wax models from 3D prints, then creating plaster molds for silicon bronze to be poured into. The bronze badges are then polished and plated by a jeweler to create the custom colors for Discovery.

Star Trek Discovery Phase and Pulse Rifle

Starfleet Phaser Pulse Rifle and Hand Phaser

Standard issue by Starfleet Command, the pulse rifle is inspired by the Pup rifle designs of today. The pulse rifle has one nod to the Star Trek: The Original Series phaser rifle that observant fans will notice and that is the orange foil chamber within the barrel. The pulse rifle was built in Los Angeles and is almost entirely 3D printed.

The hand phaser is reminiscent of the original series phaser, but the design was given a tougher look to indicate more militaristic functionality. The phaser was built and painted in Los Angeles and is 3D printed with removable magazine that houses the batteries and electronics.

Starfleet Long Haul Space Suit

The Starfleet Long Haul EV suit was built in the UK. It was milled from high-density foam as one unit and then draped in fiberglass. The suit was then sectioned into pieces that fit as a clamshell over the actor’s body. The optically clear lens of extruded plastic were¬†made from a 3D scan of the helmet and had to be perfect to fit the suit’s frame. This is the suit that we see Sonequa Martin-Green wearing in space from the Star Trek: Discovery trailer.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Tactical Jumpsuit and Vest

Starfleet Tactical Jumpsuit & Vest

Starfleet officers engaged in combat situations or potentially hazardous away missions are issued an armored tactical vest and distinctive version of the duty uniform, trading metallic accents for a low-profile navy compression panel. Laser flashlights are installed in the shoulders of the vests for guidance. Vests also contain additional functional elements for attaching specialized mission gear.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Duty Operations Division

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Operations Division

This is a variant duty uniform worn by Starfleet officers that features elbow-length sleeves and alternate detailing. The copper side compression panels and delta shield pattern signifies an officer in Starfleet’s operations division, which encapsulates ship operations, security, and engineering functions. The fabric for the Starfleet duty uniforms is dyed a custom navy blue in Switzerland, then cut and built in Toronto by the costume team under the direction of costume designer Gersha Phillips.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Medical Officer

Starfleet Medical Officer Duty Uniform

Medical officers wear hospital white variants of Starfleet science division uniforms. The silver side compression panels and delta shield pattern signifies medical’s place within the science division, but are marked by a distinctive badge insignia.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Duty Sciences Division

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Sciences Division

This is a standard Starfleet duty uniform typical of those worn by Lieutenant Commander Saru (Doug Jones) on the USS Shenzhou and Lieutenant Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) aboard the USS Discovery. The silver side compression panes and delta shield pattern signifies an officer in Starfleet’s sciences division.

Star Trek Discovery Starfleet Duty Command Division

Starfleet Duty Uniform, Command Division

This two-piece Starfleet duty uniform is worn by First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) aboard the USS Shenzhou. The gold side compression panels and delta shield pattern signifies an officer in Starfleet’s command division, as does the command star insignia on the Starfleet badge.

Star Trek Discovery Captains Duty Command Division

Starfleet Captains Duty Uniform, Command Division

This two-piece Starfleet captains uniform is worn by Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) of the USS Shenzhou. The gold side compression panels and delta shield pattern signifies an officer in the command division of Starfleet. The additional gold detailing on the shoulder epaulets is what signifies the rank of Captain.

On the next page, we’ll look at what the Klingons are wearing and wielding, as well as some other items.

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