Seth Meyers Hosted Saturday Night live

The Average

Donald Trump and Kanye West – This is one of those situations where what really happened is so positively insane that it’s hard to heighten it in order to mine it for comedy. But the SNL writers did a solid job by adding the extra layer of inner monologue from Donald Trump, not to mention the confusion from Kenan Thompson as Jim Brown. Alec Baldwin did his thing as Donald Trump, which was fine, but Chris Redd was outstanding as Kanye West. It’s just a shame that I hope we don’t have to see it too often because I’m so sick of seeing Kanye West make this circus even more ludicrous.

Beta Force – We’ve all seen those ads for testosterone building solutions that you can pick up in giant plastic containers at GNC, but we’ve never seen a commercial so accurately portray what they do to people in their 50s who are trying to look like total badasses by shaving their gray hair, dying their goatee black and wearing their sunglasses backwards. It’s not an instant classic commercial parody, but it’s a good one.

Trees – If you watched SNL as it aired on NBC or on your DVR sometime later, then you miss more than half of this sketch thanks to bad timing. The sketch began in the middle of this environmental music video parody that gets some chuckles simply because of the production value of the music and solid rapper performances from Chris Redd and Pete Davidson, but it’s also nothing to write home about.

The Worst

Halloween Gig – This seems like a poor rendition of so many musical sketches that Kenan Thompson has done before. It’s closest cousin is probably the sadly retired “What’s Up wit Dat?”, and the greatness of that recurring sketch from years ago only makes this one look worse. Normally Kenan can salvage something like this, but not even Seth Meyers in a Kenny G kind of wig could add much hilarity to the proceedings.

Bayou Benny’s Liberal Lagniappe – Well, this seemed like it might be some kind of worthy successor to Maine Justice, but the premise doesn’t land anywhere near as well as the sketch goes on. Not only are the guests totally unfunny, but the absurdity of it all feels almost desperate. Beck Bennett’s exaggerated Cajun accent is meant to be so over-the-top and bad that it’s hilarious, but the fact that it sounds a little Jamaican feels odd. Plus, it feels pretty lazy to just have Seth Meyer as himself.

Traffic Stop – Please, let Leslie Jones and Ego Nwodim team up again in the future, but don’t do it with such a lame sketch like this. At a time when cops making inappropriate stops, turning that concept on its head with some black lady police officers seems like a good idea. But the execution here is so uninspired. This would have been much better with some more biting social commentary, but instead, it’s basic and flat.

Cuban Vacation – Considering that SNL had to cut off the goodbyes because the show ran long, one would think they could have trimmed some of the fat elsewhere. For example, this entire sketch should have been cut. Seth Meyers and Heidi Gardner recounting their Cuban vacation and constantly saying Coo-ba is funny for the first 30 seconds, and then it just goes nowhere. Not even the reactions from the rest of the characters add anything worthwhile. What a dud.

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