Blumhouse may be best known for their horror movies, but the studio has slowly been branching out into other genres, with some stellar results (Whiplash) and some, uh, not-so-stellar results (Jem and the Holograms). Next up is a reboot of Benji, the once-beloved series about a heroic dog and his various adventures. The Benji series ran from 1974 through 2004, spanning eight movies, television specials, and spin-offs. This new version, which will utilize Blumhouse’s microbudget model, will be directed by Brandon Camp, whose father spearheaded the original movies.

The stories of Wesley Snipes’ poor behavior on the set of Blade: Trinity are the stuff of legend, but a stint in prison for tax evasion is the kind of thing that leaves you hoping your bread-and-butter franchise will get resurrected and help refill your coffers. If Marvel (who now holds the rights to the Blade character once more) decides to make a new Blade movie, it’s hard to imagine them bringing Snipes back to play him. They’ll surely want a fresh faces with less baggage. But Snipes took to Twitter to let everyone know that he is more than willing to return to the part, should Marvel require his services.

You’d think that it would be say to get another Friday the 13th film off the ground. After all, they pumped out eight Jason Vorhees between 1980 and 1989. All you need is a guy who looks scary in a hockey mask, a few good kills, and a little bit of tension and you already have a movie that is better than most of those. However, a sequel to the 2009 reboot has yet to materialize despite years of development and in the interview above, producer Brad Fuller attempts to explain why. Honestly, the best thing they can do now is just give a young and interesting filmmaker a tiny budget and let him go nuts with the premise. They have nothing to lose at this point.

No piece of modern movie marketing will ever top the image of the White House being blown to smithereens by an alien spacecraft in the original teasers for 1996’s Independence Day. However, these new Independence Day: Resurgence posters are doing everything in their power to top that by taking the devastation to landmarks all over the globe.

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