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Will there ever be a sequel to The Simpsons Movie? In a new interview, James L. Brooks gives a perfect non-answer:

I’m very involved, and it’s a particular exciting year for us. We’re doing our first hour special, and we did a small virtual reality thing—we’re the first television show to do that. That was labor-intensive, and it meant learning a lot. It’s just been great. Again, you serve a movie that’s bigger than you, and it doesn’t get bigger than The Simpsons. A lot of us have been together forever. That’s my day job.

Seriously, if you’ve been in the industry as long as Mr. Brooks, you get really good at giving answers that sound really good without containing any information in the slightest. It’s very impressive.

Stanley Tucci in Transformers The Last Knight

A Chinese court has fined Paramount Pictures for $300,000 as part of an ongoing case involving Transformers: Age of Extinction and the breach of a product placement deal. Variety reports:

The companies were ordered to pay $300,000 (RMB2 million) in compensation and legal costs to Wulong Karst Tourism, an inland tourist resort. The company had a contract with the film producers that would have seen the film make use of Wulong Karst’s landscapes. In return the company’s name and logo would be shown on screen within the film. Wulong Karst was also to have paid some $850,000 (RMB6 million) of sponsorship to the production. It paid only 80% of the sponsorship fee.

In April, Paramount admitted that the film did not use the logo and had attempted to rectify the situation by hiring Michael Bay to direct an advertisement for the resort.

underworld blood wars poster

Does anyone else find it hilarious that Kate Beckinsale is still clad in her trademark form-fitting black leather while also wearing a bright white winter coat in the new Underworld: Blood Wars poster? I mean…is it your goal to blend in with the snowy landscape around you? Because it isn’t helping much. Anyway, the fifth Underworld movie is set to open on January 6, 2017 and fans of vampires, werewolves, leather costumes, action heroes who dive through the air shooting two pistols, and Charles Dance collecting easy paychecks should mark that date.

While I remain wary of the new Jumanji movie (who asked for this?), I would happily watch Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart bicker on set all day. These two seem to truly enjoy ribbing each other, whether they’re pranking each other with fake spiders or just getting really, really annoyed about having to be strapped to each other for a lengthy set piece. And, of course, Johnson has captured it all on his Instagram.

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