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Kevin Smith has been teasing (threatening?) the world with a Mallrats sequel series, catching up with the characters from the 1995 original in a serialized format. Speaking with Deadline, he says that just about every character from the first movie is back in some capacity…or at least that’s the plan:

Mallrats as a series is kind of like one gigantic blob of soap opera with a lot of dick jokes in it. When we were doing the feature version of it, I had 90 minutes to tell one story. But wow, essentially, I have 10 half-hour episodes, so that’s five hours to kind of pull and tell the same story and really like dive into the characters. Like, all the characters came back in the Mallrats 2 script, but sometimes it’s just like, hey, it’s that person, you’re moving on.

He also says that they haven’t landed a network yet but the amount of language in the scripts means they’re seeking out a cable or streaming network:

We decided post-Comic Con, that’s when we go out into the world and pitch, and it’s got cursing in it and stuff, so it’s not like we’re pitching networks or anything, you know? We’re pitching all the usual streaming suspects I would imagine and cable networks, so probably Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Showtime, HBO — it’s a pretty limited pool for us because of the language factor, but it’s a weirdly family show. It’s just, you know, with a lot of cussing in it and stuff, but it’s funny, dude, I love it.

kickboxer vengeance

RLJ has released the new poster for Kickboxer Vengeance, the reboot of the Jean-Claude Van Damme martial arts movie from 1989. Van Damme plays a supporting role in the new film, but it is Guardians of the Galaxy star Dave Bautista who gets top billing…and he is also seen getting kicked in the face in the poster itself. Anyway, the film follows…

…Eric and Kurt Sloan, descendants of a well-known Venice, California-based family of martial artists. Kurt has always been in older brother Eric’s shadow as he lacks the instincts needed to become a champion. But when Kurt witnesses the merciless murder of his brother at the hands of Muay Thai champion Tong Po, he vows revenge. He trains with his brother’s mentor, Xian Chow, for a Muay Thai fight to the death with Tong Po. Chow first thinks Kurt impossible to train, but through a series of spiritual exercises and tests, Chow discovers that Kurt has a deeper strength that will carry him through his final showdown with Tong Po.

That’s a wrap on #aliencovenant. Ridley is going to scare the shit out of you.

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Alien: Covenant has officially wrapped and one member of the film’s impressive ensemble took to social media to praise Ridley Scott‘s upcoming Prometheus sequel. Danny McBride shared a photo from the set, alongside a promise that I certainly hope comes to pass.

Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters

If you sat all the way through the end credits of Paul Feig‘s Ghostbusters reboot, you were treated to some interesting footage. Spoilers ahead! Still here? Okay. As you know, the third act of the film finds Chris Hemsworth‘s dim-bulb secretary Kevin possessed by the malevolent Rowan, who uses his supernatural abilities to freeze police and soldiers in place. As this bonus footage makes clear, he originally forced them to dance in an elaborate sequence that was cut from the final film…and took days to shoot and reportedly cost the studio a lot of money. Seven figures, to be precise (Sony denies this). In any case, cutting this scene was probably a good idea. Ghostbusters‘ climax is already long in the tooth before Chris Hemsworth leads a bunch of people in a forced dance party.

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