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In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Jurassic World is set to begin filming in Hawaii in February.
  • Fast 8 has reached the halfway point of production.
  • Don’t expect Jason Bourne and Aaron Cross to meet up.
  • A Warm Bodies 2 is apparently in the works.
  • Godzilla Resurgence is getting a North American release.
  • Kevin Smith offers an update on Mallrats 2.
  • Dave Bautista gets kicked in the face on the new Kickboxer Vengeance poster.
  • Danny McBride celebrates the end of filming on Alien: Covenant.

We may not know the title of the sequel to Jurassic World quite yet, but we do know that J.A. Bayona‘s follow-up to Colin Trevorrow’s box office juggernaut is officially set to begin filming in February 2017, with the production returning to Hawaii. This location shooting seemingly implies that at least some of the film will take place on the infamous Isla Nublar (or maybe Site B), but early chatter about the film has suggested that the franchise will take a big left turn with this new entry. In other words, don’t be surprised if they start filming in some very different locations.

The official Fast and Furious YouTube channel has posted a new video featuring director F. Gary Gray and Vin Diesel celebrating the halfway mark of filming on Fast 8. And while Diesel and Gray are in high spirits, the real star of the show is of course, the insane stunts on display. As you’d expect and hope, Fast 8 looks like it will find new and exciting ways to destroy hundreds of vehicles in the name of goofy, did-they-really-just-do-that? action.

Jason Bourne Clips

There’s a reason Universal bent over backwards to get director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon back for Jason Bourne: Jeremy Renner‘s Aaron Cross, the lead of The Bourne Legacy, didn’t exactly light the world on fire. So don’t expect Bourne and Cross to meet up on screen any time soon. Bourne franchise composer John Powell even chimed in on this, telling ScreenRant:

It doesn’t help either character. It would be contrived. They’re both characters that it’s about their loneliness in their situation. If you start teaming people up, you end up with the idea that ‘if we had more power we would succeed,’ which is not the answer to anything. I find much more interesting the idea of a hero being a singular idea so that the audience can identify with them and the hero’s problems can be an allegory for my problems. It would be strange.

And like that, Legacy officially stopped being the redheaded stepchild of the series and started being the redheaded stepchild locked in the basement.


Warm Bodies was a modest critical and financial hit back in 2013, somehow taking the concept of “woman and zombie fall in love” and making it, you know, not totally disgusting. Star Theresa Palmer claims that a sequel is in the works, but can’t provide any kind of hard information:

I’ve been hearing rumors that there will be a sequel. I’ve been hearing this rumor for about 18 months to a year and it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m cautiously optimistic—but we shall see. I think they’re working on the script but who knows? I would love it.

File this under non-news for now, but we’ll pick it up if something more official gets announced.

godzilla resurgence trailer

Good news, Godzilla fans! Godzilla: Resurgence is officially getting a North American, Central American, and South American release courtesy of Funimation Films. Unlike Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla movie from a few years ago, this new film come straight from Japan and is the 29th film in the series produced by Toho. They didn’t reveal a specific release date for these territories, but late 2016 is looking likely.

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