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In this edition of Sequel Bits:

  • Star Trek Beyond‘s alternate timeline gets an official name.
  • Rihanna explains why she wrote a song for Star Trek Beyond.
  • Vinne Jones joins the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.
  • A Heroes veteran joins Transformers: The Last Knight.
  • Transformers: The Last Knight releases a peculiar casting call.
  • That Cruel Intentions sequel series is still alive.
  • Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reunite for a Bill and Ted special feature.

It’s official: the alternate timeline that was created during the events of 2009’s Star Trek officially has a name to help differentiate from the timeline that already exists across other movies, TV shows, comics, novels, and video games. The reveals comes from a slightly odd corner of the Trek universe: a post from the official site for the Star Trek Online game, which reveals that the alternate reality created by J.J. Abrams and continued this summer by Justin Lin is known as the “Kelvin Timeline.”

This is a reference to the U.S.S. Kelvin, the ship from the opening scene of Abrams’ reboot that was briefly captained by James T. Kirk’s father before it was destroyed. This new name was announced as part of upcoming new content for the game that will allow players to explore this alternate timeline, but it’s the kind of elegant title that feels far more fitting than the “Abramsverse,” which has been the default name fans have been throwing around.

CBS Consumer Products’ Holly Amos elaborated on this new name in a Tweet to a fan, explaining that having an official name just makes classifying the dense Trek universe easier:

By now, you may have already seen the new music video for Star Trek Beyond, which features a new song from Rihanna and some flashy visuals from director Floria Sigismondi. Star Trek fans are an uptight bunch by default, so the reaction to the mere existence of a pop theme song for this film got some people annoyed (for the record, I think the song is totally fine). That’s probably why this featurette exists, which features Rihanna herself, rocking an old school Trek shirt, explaining that she’s been a fan for a long time and was very excited to contribute a song and so on and so forth.

Is Rihanna the special element Star Trek needs to give it that extra boost into Star Wars level popularity? Nah, of course not. But if her music can bring a few new people into the Trek fold and introduce them to the actual Greatest Science Fiction Series of All Time, who are we to judge?

Cruel Intentions TV Series

Although NBC’s Cruel Intentions TV pilot was not selected to go to series, the network remains very interested in the series and is currently considering it for a summer run. The show acts as a direct sequel to the 1999 film, following Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kathryn Merteuil as she navigates a ruthless corporate world. Deadline reports that NBC has extended the options to the entire cast, which is the kind of move that suggests that they’re not prepared to give up on this show yet. NBC’s Bob Greenblatt explained that they simply did not have room for the series on the schedule for the fall, but aren’t prepared to let it go quite yet.

Vinnie Jones taking to Twitter and announcing that he’s joined the cast of Kingsman: The Golden Circle is welcome news, but it’s also the most expected news possible. After all, Jones tends to find himself cast in just about any movie or franchise that requires an intimidating British tough guy, which means there was always going to be room for him in the Kingsman series. Also, as he points out in the tweet, director Matthew Vaughn has worked with him before, back when he was a producer on Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Although we don’t have any details about who he’s playing, the fact that he’s on set with Julianne Moore (who is playing the film’s villain) certainly suggests that he may be a henchman of some kind.

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