Simon Pegg in Star Trek Into Darkness

After co-starring in the last two Star Trek movies, Simon Pegg was promoted to co-star and co-writer of Star Trek Beyond. So does that mean he could be promoted again to the director’s chair in the next film? According to Pegg, hell no.

Having watched Justin [Lin] making this movie … going behind the monitor to watch what he’s done makes me realize that I’m never going to direct a Star Trek. It’s such an incredible, innate visual style. I see people do these things and I’m always impressed, but I could never hope to do them. I see people directing action and camera work in such an exciting way and just think, ‘Oh what’s the point?’ It’s probably best for everyone who goes to the cinema if I don’t. It would be fun, but I don’t envy [Lin’s] job.

Star Trek Beyond lands in theaters July 22, 2016.


Back in March we heard Jason Segel and Drew Pearce were set to co-write and co-direct Billion Brick Race, a spinoff of The Lego Movie. However, Segel has now clarified that’s not exactly true. “That was misreported when it first came out,” he told The Playlist, explaining he was only co-writing, not co-directing.

Indeed, Segel doesn’t seem to have any plans to direct in the immediate future.

I feel like if there was something where I felt like I’m the only person who could direct this, then I would direct it. However, I know, personally, a bunch of people who could direct it better than me. That’s how I felt so far. So far, I felt like if I were to direct something, it would be out of pride, to say that I directed it. And when I work with someone like James Ponsoldt, I’m reminded that this is a proper talent and skill, and it should be left to people who have that passion. I’d rather something be great, than say I directed it.

Sounds reasonable. As for what Billion Brick Race actually is, Segel would say only, “It’s everything a kid would hope for, I think.”


It doesn’t matter what anyone says; the Internet seems stubbornly convinced that Christoph Waltz is playing Blofeld in Spectre. And Waltz is starting to get fed up. Here’s him answering the question (for about the 8,000th time) in an interview with CinemaBlend.

First of all, on what basis? You know, it’s silly. It’s plain silly… So that’s done with — the Blofeld question. Why would they make a movie that they’ve done before?

Good point, but probably not one that’s going to stop people from speculating. Waltz will be fending off this question until Spectre opens in theaters November 6 (or October 26 in the U.K.) — and even then some fans might be skeptical, depending on how the plot plays out.


The Hunger Games franchise comes to an end this fall with Mockingjay Part 2, and Lionsgate is pulling out all the stops to make sure Katniss & co. go out with a bang. First up, here’s a new clip.

I get that the asymmetrical Henleys are a style choice, but really, they just make it look like everyone in District 13 has severely lopsided boobs. The so-called “star squad” should consider changing into something more flattering, seeing as their whole purpose is to be the face of the revolution. Like these EW cover outfits, maybe.

Hunger Games EW cover

Inside the issue are interviews with stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth, plus a treasure trove of new images. See a couple of them below, and then click over to EW for the rest.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 opens November 20.

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