Halsey Hosted Saturday Night Live

Weekend Update

This was one of the best editions of Weekend Update in a long time. Not only was the back and forth between Colin Jost and Michael Che fast-paced and playful, but the way both of them kept dunking on Governor Northam was laugh out loud hilarious. That complete dope of a politician deserves to get skewered left and right for his stupidity and poor handling of this blackface scandal, let alone the blackface act itself.

Saturday Night Live - Melissa Villaseñor as Lady Gaga

Melissa Villaseñor’s Grammy Picks – Here’s another sketch that didn’t make it online due to the song rights for “Shallow” by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (or Ally and Jackson Maine) from A Star Is Born being performed. This Grammy bit was clearly just an excuse for Melissa Villaseñor to do her impressive Lady Gaga impression, but wasn’t there anyone better than Kyle Mooney to play Jackson Maine? Surely, Beck Bennett would have been better in that role.

Nico Slobkin and Brie Bacardi – I wasn’t expecting to like this new addition to the Weekend Update roster of characters to be so entertaining. But Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner are perfect as this totally dysfunctional Instagram couple who can’t help but fight and freak out on each other before resolving things in the goofiest way possible. Wouldn’t mind seeing these two become recurring characters.

Guy Who Just Bought a Boat’s Respectful Valentine’s Day Tips – Even though Alex Moffat clearly has fun as this character who is like a douchebro version of Kevin Nealon’s Mr. Subliminal, but instead of giving subliminal comments, he’s always referencing his small penis. It’s somewhat amusing because of Moffat’s flow, but it’s not one of my favorite bits, and it’s rarely great.

The Host

Halsey didn’t really get a chance to pop like other musical guests pulling double duty as hosts, but she certainly had no trouble fitting in. Even though she was mostly relegated to playing regular characters, she didn’t seem nervous and showed some natural comedic talent. It would be nice to bring her back for an episode that actually gives her a little more to do so she can really stretch her legs. Maybe it would be better if she just hosted and didn’t have to worry about performing songs too, especially since one of them required her to paint while singing.


Kenan Thompson - Saturday Night Live

Kenan Thompson – This was clearly a great night for Kenan Thompson. Even in the “Them Trumps” sketch gave him the opportunity to deliver the one single laugh that came from the sketch. But it’s his part in the “State Meeting” sketch, not to mention the Black History Presentation that really let Thompson do what he does best. It’s really going to be a major loss to SNL whenever he decides to leave the series.

The Final Word

Halsey did the best with what she was given, and she had no problem getting comfortable with the rest of the cast. It would have been nice if she had more to do, but that’s likely the fault of the writers for having an episode that was mostly average. At the very least, it was nice to see an episode that was full of so many original sketches instead of the usual game show and talk show premises. It would have been better if the sketches were stronger, but you have to appreciate when you get an episode like this.

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