Halsey Hosted Saturday Night Live

The Average

Valentine’s Song – Music video sketches can be hit or miss, but this one came close to feeling on par with some of the great music videos of the past by The Lonely Island. In fact, this veers into the territory of “(Do It On My) Twin Bed” thanks to Halsey, Aidy Bryan and Kate McKinnon all giving their Valentine’s Day woes about having their romance ruined by their mother, boss and kids. It doesn’t quite become great, but it’s still a very amusing song.

Maurice – Kenan Thompson saves a sketch from what otherwise would have been much more bland and uninspired. The nonchalant approach he has to being a gay cam performer making thousands of dollars is a simple premise, and even though it never reaches the level of being uproarious, it landed some good laughs.

Saturday Night Live - Halsey and Sorority Karaoke

Sorority Karaoke – This sketch doesn’t appear to be online due to the song “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes playing throughout, which is a shame because it’s another decent bit from the night. Though it does repeat a similar formula we’ve seen before (featuring a group of guys in a bar singing along to a song and sharing dark, inappropriate memories), the sorority scavenger hunt angle did spice it up a bit. However, I thought it kind of fizzled out in the end rather than coming to a proper conclusion, which can be an SNL trademark.

Women of Congress – What if the strong women of Congress were given their own Charlie’s Angels style show? It might go something like this. Unfortunately, the high number of “characters” means this sketch isn’t much more than an opening credits sequence with one scene from the proposed spoof show. Granted, it’s great seeing all these women playing these parts, but I think this could have been a lot funnier in the end.

The Worst

Them Trumps – Imagining Donald Trump as a black man who doesn’t get away with everything that Trump gets away with was a weak premise to begin with, and it doesn’t get any better here. Not only is it shorter, but it’s not even as funny as the first iteration of this sketch, which already wasn’t great. Not even Kenan Thompson can make this better.

Meet the Press – While the media certainly deserves to be skewered endlessly for their coverage of this Jeff Bezos dick pic blackmail scandal, this was not the best way to do it. Though it was nice to get a version of Meet the Press that didn’t focus on any of the stupid antics of Donald Trump,

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