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Last night, Oscar winner Russell Crowe took the stage at Studio 8H for his hosting debut on Saturday Night Live. You would have thought Crowe had hosted sometime before, but it didn’t happen. The comfort with which Crowe hosted SNL was surprising to say the least, and the actor proved that broadening his career to include comedy might not be a bad idea. The only problem is that the writers didn’t really give him much to work with.

Run through the best and worst sketches from the Russell Crowe Saturday Night Live episode below.

The Best

Oprah Winfrey – It’s pretty amazing that Mike O’Brien isn’t even a cast member anymore, and he still gets to do great stuff like this. He’s basically doing what Albert Brooks did for SNL in its early years. This is such a strange idea, but it’s executed so earnestly that it’s just fantastic. Why was Jason Sudeikis in this? I couldn’t tell you, but does it really matter, you knuckleheads? Plus, I think this is kind of a brilliant commentary on whitewashing in Hollywood as much as it is just plain goofy.

Pogie Pepperoni’s – Beck Bennett and Kyle Mooney deserve their own sketch show if a career after Saturday Night Live doesn’t work out for them. The two have a great way of parodying  various sects of pop culture that is simultaneously authentic and ridiculous. This Disney Channel-esque sketch is no exception. It took me right back to my birthday party at Pogie Pepperoni’s when I was a kid.

Match Finders – You just can’t beat Kenan Thompson’s reaction shots and his role as the everyman game show host who tries to keep the show on the rails. Beyond that, again Russell Crowe proved that he was just having a lot of fun. The pacing was a little off, but that was the theme of the whole night. By the way, that glass eye contact that Beck Bennett wore was kind of creepy.

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