Most of the action in Rogue One seems to take place on the ground, following Rebel foot soldiers as they battle through the literal and figurative tenches. However, this trailer has confirmed that there will be at least some space combat, although it’s not entirely clear what these X-Wings are fighting or how they’re contributing the main Rebel cause. But let’s take a stab at this anyway!

Since the planet below them is blue and covered with fluffy white clouds, let’s assume this is Scarif. And if this is Scarif, that means that Jyn and her team are probably on the ground during this space battle, attempting to make off with the Death Star plans. So, these Rebel starfighters could be creating a distraction, diverting the Empire’s eye so the ground solders can slip in. Or they could be attacking a shield generator of kind, allowing for the men and women on the ground to access a particular area. Heck, maybe they’re taking down Imperial forces to clear a path for the ship that will fly the stolen Death Star plans to safety. In any case, we now know that the climax of Rogue One will seemingly cut between an action scene on the ground and an action scene in space.


I’m not sure who this X-Wing pilot is, but I do know that he will soon have a name, a backstory, an action figure, a meaty role in a Star Wars novel, and maybe his own comic book miniseries.


I was originally concerned that K-2SO was going to be a purely digital creation, mainly because I’m the kind of snob who likes practical droids. However, the more of him I see in action, the more I appreciate what they’re going for. He’s too large and oddly proportioned to be a guy in a suit and as a security droid, a puppet may have proven too unwieldy to pull off what he needs to pull off. K-2SO appears to be unlike any droid we’ve seen in a Star Wars movie so far and I’m genuinely excited to see what Alan Tudyk and a team of brilliant VFX wizards have cooked up.


Remember how we discussed how Jedha may be the site of the first Death Star test and how a less powerful version of the superlaser may wipe that entire city off the map? Yeah, about that…


I don’t know about you guys, but after getting repeatedly gut-punched by the icy reality of 2016 on a daily basis, I’m ready for a science fiction action movie where the heroes are fueling their battle with dreams of hope and, you know, find time to smile every now and then. Star Wars has always been an optimistic series at heart and while Rogue One looks to be a fair bit darker than other chapters in the saga, the glimmer of hope at the center of it all is exactly what we need right now.


Here’s the big man himself. This appears to be the same scene we glimpsed earlier, where Orson Krennic was lecturing Darth Vader about power, which only further suggests that Vader’s presence in the movie will be limited at best. Still, I can safely say that I can’t wait to see what these two have to say to each other.


And while we’re talking about dramatic confrontations previously seen in this trailer, here is Galen Erso on his knees and looking a little worse for wear while someone (Krennic?) looms over him. This certainly appears to be the meeting we glimpsed earlier, with the two old friends meeting at that mysterious Imperial base. It looks like Galen didn’t have the news Krennic was looking for and has paid the price. What are the chances that Galen actually makes it out of this movie alive? Slim to none, right?


Pushes glasses up nose.

Actually, those aren’t AT-AT Walkers. They’re AT-ACT Walkers, larger versions of the same design that were built to haul cargo, which is why there are so many of them hanging around the Imperial construction yard on Scarif. Ahem. Sorry. The climactic battle of Rogue One will allow us to see these monstrous machines at work from the sky…


…and from the ground. Gareth Edwards’ experience making giant monster movies seems to have really benefitted him here.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story opens on December 16, 2016.

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