Rogue One Reshoots

In this edition of Rogue One Bits:

  • Mads Mikkelsen talks about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story reshoots.
  • Two new character names may have been revealed.
  • A small story point about the construction of the Death Star.
  • Star Wars Celebration will showcase props and costumes from Rogue One.
  • A fourth screenwriter may have worked on Rogue One.
  • Marvel quietly cancels the Rogue One prequel comic.

Things were pretty quiet on the Rogue One front before the news that the film was set to undergo extensive reshoots this summer hit the internet like a blast from the Death Star. Now, they’re just dead silent. Although reshoots are usually not a bad thing (all major movies undergo reshoots and all filmmakers wish they had the time and money for additional filming), this news has raised more than a few eyebrows. What’s going on behind the scenes at Rogue One? One little tidbit that may raise eyebrows a little further is the news that Marvel’s Rogue One comic book miniseries, which would have taken place prior to the movie, has seemingly been put on hold, with all pre-orders cancelled. Marvel had yet to announce any talent for the three-issue series, so this could simply be a case where everyone involved simply decided to not go ahead. Or if you want to start building a vast conspiracy, it’s another sign that things are in serious flux behind the scenes. Take from this what you will.


Mads Mikkelsen, whose exact role in Rogue One remains shrouded in mystery, offered his perspective on the reshoot situation. His response is the one you’d expect from an actor who has appeared in his fair share of major Hollywood movies:

Basically, all the big films I have done always have reshoots, it is part of their budget. They’re either not super happy with a scene bit, the way we were acting, or maybe there’s something they want to add. It’s not a new thing, it happens with every film. Whether it’s bigger or less, I have no idea, I have nothing to compare with. It’s the same film, it’s just adding little bits here and there to do the final polishing. That’s my feeling.

Mikkelsen also adds that he only has one day of reshoots. His explanation sounds completely believable and in line with the reasoning behind the vast majority of reshoots…but then again, I won’t stop you if you want to continue building that vast conspiracy and decide to pick apart that statement looking for hidden clues.

rogue one bits

Since we’re dredging the internet for Rogue One details, how about a tiny sliver of information another writer who seemingly did work on the film’s screenplay? We already know that Gary Whitta worked on the initial drafts, that Chris Weitz rewrote it after Whitta movie, that Christopher McQuarrie reportedly polished the whole thing behind closed doors, and that Tony Gilroy pitched in with the reshoots.

Now, Making Star Wars says that Scott Z. Burns, whose credits include The Bourne Ultimatum, Side Effects, and Contagion, also contributed in some capacity. That’s an impressive and varied line-up of writers, but we may not know who actually contributed what and in what order for some time. Most major studio films pass through a variety of writers (and McQuarrie has quietly rewritten more movies than most people realize), but most major studio films don’t have Star Wars in the title. Scrutiny goes with the territory.

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