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A few weeks ago, rumors started spreading across the internet suggesting that Academy Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat may be departing Rogue One, which is the worst kind of news. Desplat is brilliant and one of the few modern composers worthy of working in John Williams’ universe.

However, Hey U Guys caught up with Desplat and asked him about the status of the project and if he’s started working yet. His response should end those rumors:

No, that will come in a few weeks … I’ve seen the trailer. It’s very exiting. Gareth [Edwards] is a fantastic director and he can do a beautiful film, I’m sure.

A week or so later, Cinefilos spoke with Desplat about his work on the film:

What can I say? I’m looking forward to working on Rogue One with Gareth. We had a great partnership on Godzilla and I can’t wait to be starting with him. It will be in a few weeks from now and it is very exciting and frightening at the same time because it’s such a legendary project. To be called to come after John Williams…it’s a great challenge for me.

While we haven’t heard any of Alexandre Desplat’s Rogue One score, GeekRemixed has put together a pretty fantastic remix of various Star Wars themes, including a few samples from the Rogue One trailer, specifically that unique alarm sound and those isolated piano notes. The result is something that you could easily and happily add to any of your Star Wars remixes:

Pretty cool, huh?

Here’s the thing about most of the people you’ll find working in the visual effects industry: they’re bonafide, genuine nerds. If they weren’t breaking their backs to make movies happen, they’d probably be recording themselves watching movie trailers and having enthusiastic reactions like the rest of us. So that brings us to this truly delightful video, where members of the ILM visual effects team gather to watch fan reaction videos to the Rogue One trailer they busted their butts finish. It’s funny and it’s sweet and it may unleash a cloud of dust into your eyes when you realize just how happy these folks are to watch fans go nuts over their hard work.

“I rebel…” What did you guys think of the Rogue One trailer?

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It’s always weird what sets off your nostalgia alarms. For me, seeing a fan-made VHS box depicting the Rogue One characters in the style see on the “special edition” home video releases brings back memories of wandering through my local video rental establishment, picking through the available films, avoiding the “scary” box art that unsettled my younger self, and always pausing in the science fiction section to look at the Star Wars boxes despite already having them at home. Damn you, Rogue One fan art. You’ve got me feeling wistful.

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