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Rogue One tickets went on sale earlier this week and the internet reacted accordingly by, well, breaking itself. According to Deadline, Fandango sold hundreds of thousands of tickets within minutes, which doesn’t account for those who purchased their tickets through other services (or the faithful who chose to line up at an actual box office). While it surely won’t match the record-breaking debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (how could it?), it certainly sounds like Rogue One is going to do just fine.

If you happen to buy your Rogue One tickets at the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain, you can spend a few extra bucks to also pick up their exclusive new pint glass, which features art by the great Martin Ansin.

rogue one tom whalen tickets

Speaking of skilled artists lending their talents to Rogue One tickets, Tom Whalen has designed three unique collectible tickets for Regal Cinema’s IMAX 3D screenings of the film. Naturally, you’ll have to return once a week fro three weeks to collect them all.

regal rogue one ultimate ticket

If you already think you’ll be seeing Rogue One multiple times in theaters, Regal Cinemas has a deal for you. For $100, you can buy their “ultimate ticket,” which will let you see the film once a day for its entire run. Here are the details:

Guests with the Regal Ultimate Ticket receive one admission to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story each day for the entire run of the movie in Regal Theaters. Accepted for all film formats, including 3D, RPX and IMAX.

This one-of-a-kind collectible ticket is each card features the movie title laser cut through anodised steel, plus gold etching and the distinctive black gloss Rebellion insignia. Each card is personalised, with the cardholders name inscribed permanently on the back.

Hurry! Production is limited only to 1000 cards!

Much like how The Force Awakens offered fans collectible the chance to buy and use 3D glasses based on characters from the film for 3D screenings of the film, RealD has introduced a trio of limited edition Rogue One glasses. You can choose from Death Trooper, Imperial Stormtrooper, or Rebel Pilot.

rogue one banner

I’ll admit that I haven’t fallen in love with many of the recent posters for Rogue One, but I really do dig this new international banner.

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