rogue one bits

In this edition of Rogue One Bits:

  • Two very cool posters from artist Orlando Arocena.
  • A look at the new U-Wing toy (as well as a fan-made version).
  • Empire Magazine reveals two new Rogue One: A Star Wars Story covers.
  • A dying fan campaigns to see Rogue One early.
  • Detailed video reviews of the Rogue One “Black Series” action figures arrive online.
  • The marketing deluge for Rogue One gets underway with a series of new deals.
  • The Star Wars Battlefront VR mission will be set during Rogue One.
  • Take a first look at a series of new Rogue One books.

rogue one bits

Let’s kick things off with these very cool fan-made posters from artist Orlando Arocena, who decided to mash up Rogue One: A Star Wars Story with Stanley Kubrick’s classic Vietnam War drama Full Metal Jacket. Here is Arocena explaining why he decided to take Philip Castle’s iconic poster and give it a Star Wars twist:

Back in 2015 I was excited to hear the news about a potential Star Wars Rogue One story being developed, and directed by Gareth Edwards . I was very happy to read how the story would be more set within a military, covert ops thematic.  A year later and after a few trailers. I’m back to pay tribute with a parody.  I decided to pay reverence to one of my favorite wartime movies, Stanley Kubrick’s, Full Metal Jacket and the artist who created that films iconic artwork, Philip Castle, by visually combining the intensity and fighting spirit of the Rebellion in a new vector tribute.

You can take a detailed look at his process right over here.

We’ve only seen brief glimpses of the U-Wing, the newest Rebel ship being introduced to in Rogue One, but that didn’t stop artist aaskedall from creating a physical model. We still don’t know much about the U-Wing beyond the fact that it is a slightly larger ship that is used to transport troops and drop them into battle. You can check out a full gallery of aaskedall’s work over here.

rogue one tie striker

The first unofficial images of the toy version of the U-Wing surfaced last week, but where there are new Rebel Alliance ships, there are always going to be new Empire ships. IdleHands has posted a first look at Hasbro’s TIE Striker toy, which also includes an Imperial pilot figure a green Nerf dart that can be launched from the ship itself. This will most likely be available on September 30th, 2016 as part of this year’s Force Friday event (which may or may not be called Rogue Friday this time around).

Speaking of leaked toy stuff, YouTuber chefatron has managed to get his hands on the first wave or Rogue One “Black Series” action figures over a month before they’re supposed to hit shelves as part of this year’s Force Friday/Rogue Friday event. And naturally, he’s gone ahead and reviewed each of them on YouTube. You can watch his detailed look at the Jyn Erso figure above and reviews of Cassian, K-2SO, and the Death Trooper below. As you’d expect from the Star Wars Black Series, these figures are more detailed than your typical action figure (and have the price tag to match).

Like with The Force Awakens last year, you can expect to see Rogue One everywhere you look within a few months. Disney and Lucasfilm have inked promotional deals with Duracell, General Mills, Gillette, Nissan and Verizon, so the marketing deluge will cover every corner of your existence.

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