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If you’ve been waiting for hi-res, non-watermarked versions of Rogue One images to hit the internet, congratulations! This is your lucky day. Peruse the gallery below at you own leisure.

The first wave of new Rogue One toys won’t hit shelves until Force Friday next month, but The Brothers Brick has obtained images of several new LEGO sets via the Italian and Spanish Amazon stores. As usual, the toy department is the leakiest section of even the most secretive film production. I’m not going to directly share the images here because other sites have been asked to take them down (and I’m not in the mood to get sued), but you can check them out at the link above. Anyway, the big revelations here are that Jyn Erso is a sergeant, Director Krennic has a black shuttle that looks like the cousin of Kylo Ren’s shuttle in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and that AT-ST walkers may be patrolling the streets of Jedha. These toys also offer a new look at the TIE Strikers and U-Wing fighters, both of which we can probably expect to see everywhere over the coming months.

rogue one lego

Now, let’s take a moment to explore an unofficial Rogue One LEGO creation! LEGO builder markus19840420 (via The Brothers Brick) has recreated the shot of that mysterious chamber from the film’s trailer, complete with those red-robed Imperial guards and that black-robed figure kneeling before…a Bacta tank? That’s what the internet seems to think it is. In any case, it’s strong work, especially since we don’t know the context of this moment yet.

A new episode of Star Wars Explained proposes a very nifty theory. What if the planet Scarif, the tropical paradise and the site of the Death Star’s construction, is actually Rakata Prime? Although the Knights of the Old Republic video game has been consigned to to “Legends” status, the mysterious planet introduced in its final stretch has been included in the new canon map of the Star Wars universe, which means that there may be plans to bring Rakata Prime back into continuity. Scarif, which we have seen in the trailers for Rogue One, could be codename for this planet, which was once used to construct another gigantic super weapon tens of thousands of years before the events of the original trilogy. This strikes me as a little unlikely, but it’s something fun to ponder as we embark inch our way toward December.

Let’s end this edition of Rogue One Bits with this piece of animation created by visual effects supervisor and ILM chief creative officer John Knoll, which offers an immaculate walking tour of the Death Star hangar bay. In addition to his VFX work, Knoll is the first man behind Rogue One, pitching the basic concept to Kathleen Kennedy years ago and earning a story credit in the process.

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